In the winter finale of Gotham season 2, “Rise of the Villains: Worse Than a Crime,” Lee has big news for Gordon, Theo has one last task for Silver to perform and Bruce awaits his fate as Gordon joins forces with Penguin.

When we last left Detective Gordon, he was saved from becoming fish food by Penguin, and Bruce was in the clutches of the evil Theo Galavan.

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Tabitha Hunts Alfred

Alfred survived his run-in with Tabitha, but no sooner is he dumped by the garbage truck he used for a quick and convenient getaway when he has to flee on foot. Tabitha and a few of her henchmen arrive at the landfill, and she’s ready to finish the job she started.

A Breakthrough and a Discovery

Mr. Fox emerges from the bat cave with the news that he fixed the hard drive on Thomas Wayne’s computer. There’s nobody around to celebrate the good news, and Fox looks around, noticing signs of a possible struggle.

The Anointed Redeemer

It’s time for Theo to unveil his true identity to Bruce. After explaining that his family had been dishonored and disgraced by the Waynes a long time ago, Theo tells Bruce that the patron saint of the Dumas family spoke of a great day to come when nine men of Gotham and the last son of their mortal enemy were slain by righteous hands. Bruce’s death is the last piece of the puzzle.

Father Creel appears and informs Bruce that he is the “anointed redeemer.” The sins of seven generations of Waynes will wash away in his blood. Bruce has until midnight, and we all know he’ll be rescued. It’s just the details that remain up in the air.

Theo may be on the cusp of getting everything he ever wanted, but he’s got a couple of problems: Silver and Tabitha.

Tabitha is growing more defiant. She failed to find Alfred (he hid in a freezer), and she’s not really apologetic about it, questioning how much damage one old butler can do. Theo chastises his sister for being unmotivated, but she reminds Theo that she knew him before he was a big shot.

Theo Tests Silver

Silver tries to get out of attending the big ceremony, the highlight of which will be Bruce’s death. Theo scolds his niece for being weak and having compassion for Bruce, even though he bested her. Silver denies being soft, and Theo decides to give her a task to prove herself. Silver has to make Bruce Wayne fall in love with her all over again, and Theo wants to see Silver and Bruce lock lips one last time before the young billionaire dies.

If Silver fails, Theo will throw her out on the street or worse. He instructs Silver to be resourceful and ruthless, so she throws on a pretty dress, does her hair and goes to see the sacrificial lamb.

Silver apologizes for everything that’s happened and her part in it. She says she would help him if she could, but she can’t. She does offer to keep him company as he waits to be executed. Bruce tells her she can stay.

The two share their favorite childhood memories and bond over the fact that they’re both orphans. Maybe it’s his earnestness or those giant ears, but Silver decides she can’t just stand by and let Bruce die. She decides to help Bruce escape. She uses her pull to get the monk guarding Bruce’s cell to open it and hand her his gun. She then proceeds to shoot the guy in the leg.

They take off running but don’t make it very far. Uncle Theo is waiting, thwarting Silver’s plan. They are returned to Bruce’s cell where Silver sobs prettily and tells Bruce she loves him. When she wants to know if he shares her feelings, Bruce politely says no. He knows Silver has been toying with him, the only question is why. Silver reveals that if she doesn’t make Bruce lover her again, Theo will kick her out, deeming her not worthy of being a Dumas.

Bruce tries to convince Silver that it’s not too late for her to change, but Silver admits that she’s done some pretty deplorable things and there’s just no going back.

Strange Bedfellows

Gordon wakes up in Nygma’s apartment, where he comes to the realization that Nygma and Penguin have forged some kind of dysfunctional bond.

Penguin and Gordon both have a vested interest in wanting to take Theo Galavan down, and Penguin wants to pool their resources and work together.

Captain Barnes has a warrant out for Gordon’s arrest. He did punch the mayor, escaped GCPD custody and has apparently aligned himself with Penguin. Lee argues that Gordon had to have been abducted. Barnes need to hear that Gordon isn’t dirty from the man himself and asks Lee if she knows his whereabouts. She denies knowing anything and insists that her honey is not in league with Penguin. 

Barnes doesn’t want to believe his favorite son is dirty, but with Gordon a fugitive, he has his doubts. He also questions if Lee knows Gordon as well as she thinks she does. Nygma has been lingering nearby, and after Barnes leaves Lee pondering his question, Nygma gives her a place and a time, promising that if she shows up, she’ll find out what happened to Gordon.

Lee arrives at Nygma’s apartment and finds Gordon along with Penguin and several of his henchmen. Gordon wants her to get out of town before the shit hits the fan. He’s determined to defeat Theo, even if it means working with a “depraved sociopath.” Lee begs Gordon to leave with her and then drops a huge bomb: she’s pregnant.

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The Renegades

Fox goes to Nathaniel Barnes to report that both Bruce and Alfred are missing. Fox is certain they were abducted by Theo Galavan, but he has no proof. Bullock points out that they know Galavan is dirty, but that just isn’t enough. On the upside, Barnes gets a call. Alfred has been found. After escaping the landfill, he tried to steal a car, got tazed by a cop and is being held in a cell at the station.

Barnes refuses to go rogue. He’ll only go after Galavan using the proper channels. That leaves Fox, Bullock and Alfred to come up with their own plan. Bullock can supply the guns and the car, but it’s more than a two-man job. Fox is out. He knows he’s of no use when it comes to the rough stuff.

Alfred wants Gordon, but Bullock explains that his partner is MIA. Nygma, once again back at the station and eavesdropping, giggles. Using a riddle, he gives away Gordon’s location, which is Nygma’s apartment.

Gordon is just about to blow town with Lee when the three men arrive. After learning that Galavan has Bruce, Gordon bails on the getaway plan. Lee does that thing women do when they say they understand, but you know they really don’t. She tells Gordon to call her when it’s all over and drives off.

Penguin, Bullock, Gordon, Alfred and some of Penguin’s lackeys prepare to storm the castle and rescue the prince. There’s a bit of dissension among the ranks. Gordon wants to arrest Theo, while Penguin is determined to make his nemesis die a slow, painful death.

A more immediate problem is how they plan to enter the building where Bruce is being held, and that’s where Selina comes in. She’s been catting around as usual and offers her services. She’s not about to let her crush bite it, especially after he realized the feelings he thought he had for Silver are the ones he actually has for the lovely Selina. So this ragtag bunch has just minutes to save Gotham’s favorite son.

By the Book

Just before Bruce marches off to meet his fate, he throws Silver a bone. With Theo watching, Bruce tells Silver he loves her and forgives her, and then he kisses her goodbye.

Bruce is tied to a pole, and there’s some chanting. Meanwhile, Selina has fulfilled her end of the bargain by getting Gordon and the others inside. Just as Creel is about to slash Bruce’s throat, Silver yells, “Stop!” It’s just enough time for Bruce’s rescuers to make a dramatic entrance.

Theo takes off with Silver, and there’s a shoot-out that results in a whole bunch of dead monks.

Theo has an escape plan, but it doesn’t include Silver. Just as he’s about to kill his niece, Tabitha clocks him. She’s had enough of her brother’s delusions of grandeur, especially since he’s failed. Outfitted with parachutes, she and Silver escape from the window and float away to freedom.

Jim corners Theo and places him under arrest. Theo makes the mistake of insinuating that he’ll get off. Not a wise move in the wake of the Eduardo incident. Gordon isn’t so sure that justice will be served. Theo got off once already.

Barnes, who has been alerted to Gordon’s location by Fox, bursts in with a warrant. But not only does he want Theo, he still treats Gordon as a fugitive. Gordon swears he’s done nothing wrong, and Barnes wants to believe him, but the only way Gordon can clear his name is if everything is done by the book. Gordon tells Barnes that he’s making a big mistake but relents.

Gordon barely makes it to his knees before Penguin arrives and knocks Barnes out cold. Penguin makes it clear that he will kill Gordon to get to Theo. Penguin plays on Gordon’s doubts. Theo has the courts in his pockets and billions of dollars. Theo could easily walk away again. Penguin instructs Gordon to think of Gotham, to think of the greater good.

No Turning Back

Penguin and Jim take Galavan down to the docks. Galavan warns Gordon that he’s a man of conscience and he’ll regret not doing the right thing. Gordon responds by saying he has many regrets, but this won’t be at the top of the list.

Once on his knees, Oswald takes a bat to Galavan, beating him viciously as Gordon looks on. A bloodied Galavan begs Gordon to kill him. Gordon stops Penguin, and just when you think Galavan may get a stay of execution, Gordon shoots Galavan.

Gordon has defeated Galavan, for now. And it’s possible he’ll get something of a temporary happy ending. He’s got a baby on the way, and he asks Lee to marry him. We’ll have to wait until next year to find out if wedding bells are in the twosome’s future.

We all know that good villains never really die; they just go away. And in Gotham, they go to a man named Professor Strange.

Gotham returns Monday, February 29, 2016 at 8pm on FOX.

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