In the previous episode, “The Girl Who Got All Dolled Up,” Tyra shocked the models at panel when she doubled the eliminations and sent both Bello and Courtney home, inspiring much rejoicing by yours truly. Well, hold onto your thigh-high patent leather boots, people, and put down your party hats because … they … are … back. Tyra’s going for broke in “The Guy or Girl Who Came Back” by giving all seven eliminated models a chance to reenter the competition. That’s right, Lacey, Nyle, Justin, Mikey, Hadassah, Mame, and Devin are rejoined by strikingly gorgeous Delanie, condescending Stefano, hipster Ava, reborn Ashley, nasty drama king Bello, over-grilled Courtney, and my boyfriend Dustin. (Love you, baby. Call me.)
Here’s the twist: one of these eliminated models will trade places with one of the seven who are still in the running to be America’s Next Top Model. By the end of the evening we will still have seven contestants, but one of them will be someone we thought we’d seen the last of … at least that’s what I thought before watching the whole episode. Now, if I had my choice, I’d have Dustin back because we have a little love connection going on … but who do you want to get another shot at the brass ring?

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Look at the Odds Before Placing Your Bets On Who Returns

Let’s review track records briefly. Lacey has been in the top third of call-outs at panel for five out of six eliminations; she’s never been in the bottom third. Both Nyle and Mame have been in the top three times and have never been in the bottom. Justin has been in the top twice and on the bottom once. Mikey has been dead center all but once when he landed in the top three. Hadassah has been in the middle five times and in the bottom once. Maybe tonight will be her lucky night (That’s called foreshadowing, my friends. Wink.).That leaves Devin who has been equally on the top and the bottom. 

Of the previously eliminated models, only Ava and Bello have been in the top three. Courtney has been in the bottom and the middle three times each. Everyone else is fairly equal. Who of these seven will be invited back? Let’s find out.

This Week’s Challenge: Teaming Up For Go-Sees

The seven models who have never been eliminated watch their video message from Tyra and realize that it’s time to hit the streets and see who can get actual modeling gigs with real live fashion designers. This is where the rubber meets the road. It’s one thing to be pretty in pictures, but if you can’t get yourself hired, you might as well go home. 

Excitement abounds until Alexis Borges of Next Management and PR maven Kelly Cutrone give the models their go-see assignments, but then adds a twist. As mentioned above, the seven eliminated models are back on set to participate in go-sees, to model for photo shoots, and to live with the remaining models. Kelly explains that one of the bottom seven will be replacing one of the top seven at panel. Oh, snap! 

The bottom seven file into the room and no one is happy to see Bello. Everyone pairs up with a returning model. Bello is the last picked and ends up with Devin, but not before delivering some spiteful comments about his cohorts. In short, he calls them liars. Classy, Bello. Real classy. (Can you envision my eyes rolling to the back of my head?)

Top Models Versus the Traffic

Bello and Devin arrive at a go-see at the same time as Hadassah and Ava. Bello is seething, so the boys leave the girls and head to another go-see. 

Lots of designers love Hadassah, but Ava needs to work on her walk. Courtney’s walk is a hot mess. Ashley and Mikey are thrilled to be together again and joke about stopping at a cheap hotel. What’s 15 minutes of hot lovemaking out of the two hours they have for meeting with designers? It might give them a nice healthy glow and improve their scores. It could happen. 

Justin and Dustin do really well with Michael Kuluva, the creative director at Tumbler & Tipsy. As a team, Delanie and Nyle fall behind when Delanie realizes she left her bag at the designer’s place, then her portfolio in the car. Mikey and Ashley are in the middle of an appointment with a designer when Justin and Dustin burst in, interrupting like it’s some big joke. 

Time is running out and the traffic is a nightmare. Bello and Devin decide to run back to Next Management. Mame and Courtney didn’t make it back in time to qualify for the win. Everyone else makes it just under the wire. 

The Model With the Most Bookings Loses the Challenge 

Back from the go-sees, the models meet with Kelly to find out how many of the fashion designers found them bankable. Mikey, Nyle, Hadassah, Justin, and Dustin each booked three jobs. Stefano booked two. Devin booked only one job because some of the designers didn’t like his look. No one wanted to work with Bello. Shocking. 

That leaves Mame. Mame booked four out of four go-sees and would have won the challenge, but was disqualified for getting back late to Next Management. As a result, Hadassah wins. Her prizes? Clothing and accessories from Artistix Jeans, Tumbler & Tipsy, and Koko Blaq. She will also be walking in the Art Hearts Runway Show during the L.A. fashion week. This is Hadassah’s first challenge win by herself so she is thrilled. And that’s some fantastic booty, people. 

The Models Share the Spotlight With Look Alike Canines

Yu Tsai is the photographer for this photo shoot. Each model will be posing with a dog who resembles them physically or stylistically. While Bello bullies Hadassah in the background, Nylel kills his photo shoot, almost melting the camera with his smoldering eyes. Mikey and his dog are like fraternal twins. Ashley has an adorable pocket puppy. Dustin has an electrifying chemistry with his pup such that Yu commented he could very well be the one to knock out one of the top models. Wow. 

Adorable Dustin with a daog.jpg

Justin’s partner is a pit bull and struggles through his shoot. Devin is panicked because he was in the bottom three during the last two panels and he only booked one go-see. He’s given a totally yappy dog whose personality is a dead ringer for Devin’s. The rest do okay and then the shoot is over. 

Bello Tries to Pick Another Fight

Back at the house, Bello, Hadassah and others are in the hot tub. Suddenly, Bello starts confronting Hadassah. She wants no drama and tells him so, but zulu crazy boy flips out on her. He says he’s passionate when he speaks to yells at her because he cares about her. What the hell kind of friend is that? This kid needs some pharmaceutical support and fast. Geez.

Panel Critiques of the Top Seven Models Are Good and Bad

It’s panel time and Miss J. has another three yarn braids sewn into his hair. Is that a fashion trend that I didn’t get the memo for? I scratch my head every single time I see him at panel. Someone, please explain. I just don’t get it. On the other hand, Tyra continues to rock the tailored look. That is one foine fashion forward female. 

Hadassah’s photo is exceptionally beautiful. She could win first call-out today. Devin’s photo is debonair, but Kelly calls him on his unsuccessful go-see results. Mikey’s photo is not his best, says Kelly. 

Miss J. tells Lacey that her photo is mighty fine, while Kelly says it’s a very powerful pooch photo. She loves everything about it. The judges can’t stop talking about Lacey. She’s going to give Hadassah a run for her money. Mame is up next. Kelly and Tyra disagree totally about it. Tyra sees domination, sex and power. Kelly absolutely doesn’t.

During Justin’s critique, he takes hell from Tyra, justifiably, for his rude interruption of Mikey and Ashley’s go-see. To top it off, Tyra is disappointed in his photo. Maybe he’ll be the one going home. 

Nyle looks impressively sexy and elegant, projecting a primordial wolf energy between himself and the dog, comments Kelly. Trya says she’s speechless, but we all know Tyra Banks is never speechless. She says he’s supermodel-y and I’m wishing I had a copy of his photo to put in this recap. (Or to carry around in my wallet. Or hang on my bedroom wall. Or … where was I? Oh, yes …) the bottom seven models are up next.

Dustin, Stefano and Courtney Kick Boomerang Booty

Now to critique the previously eliminated models. Ashley needed more symmetry in her poses. Stefano gave a bad ass photo, according to Kelly. Tyra loves it. Stefano is a contender for returning. Kelly loves Dustin’s photo. Miss J. says the dog is listening to every word Dustin is saying. Tyra mews over his strong masculine profile. She says Dustin in modeling H2T, which we ANTM diehards know means ‘head to toe,’ and is a huge compliment from Miss Tyra. Dustin is a definite contender for boomeranging back.

Kelly calls Courtney’s photo “Bad Ass Lolita Fairy Warrior.” What? Does Kelly have a mad crush on this waif? This girl has the personality of a paper bag. On the other hand, Tyra isn’t wrong when she says Courtney has a weird, interesting, and different “something” going on. She also acknowledges the personality problem, so we’ll see if she is invited back (Say it ain’t so!) She is a contender as well. 

Delanie is beautiful, but doesn’t get much in feedback. Miss J. adores Ava’s high society photo. Bello defends his zero go-see wins, and Tyra feels his passion, but this guy is a nonstarter, my friends. Will he throw a tantrum when he gets turned away again? 

Tyra Builds Mucho Tension with a Reverse Call-out

Tyra decides to start by letting us know which of the eliminated models will be returning to compete for the title as America’s Next Top Model. Instead of naming the best to the worst and finally revealing the biggest loser, she goes the opposite way, reading off the worst five photos first.

The first to be eliminated is Ashley. Following are Delanie, Bello, and Courtney. Ava is the third to the last, leaving Stefano and Dustin. She says a tenth of a point separates their scores. The scoreboard starts flipping and my man Dustin is back in the fold!

Result: Dustin is back in the competition

Only Seven Can Play

Tyra reads off the names of the remaining models in descending order. Six will continue on; one will trade places with Dustin. Nyle gets first call-out, his second of the cycle. He’s been in the top three for the last four episodes. This sexy mute is giving Lacey a smoking run for her money. 

Top 3: Nyle, Hadassah, and Lacey

Middle: Mame

Bottom 3: Mikey, Justin, and Devin

Tyra reads off the model’s names until she gets to the final two, Justin and Devin, then she leaves us hanging. Dangit! Dangit! $&@!^%*#,~! Talk about congratulous interruptus! Tyra, you is a mean girl. 

So there you have it. Next, we’ll continue with the models as they hit Las Vegas by storm. Well, all but one of them … but which one will be left behind to lick his wounds? Tune in for “The Girl Who Became Bootyful.”

America’s Next Top Model now airs Fridays at 9pm on The CW. 

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