In the last episode of Project Runway, the judges decided to send home Lindsey after a boring look instead of sending Laurie home for her trainwreck of an outfit. Let’s see if Laurie embraces her second chance.

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Style Personas

The designers meet Tim and Yuchin from JustFab in the workroom where they sit in school desks in front of a chalkboard. There are five different style personas written on the chalkboard that the designers will be using as guidelines for their next challenge.

Candice gets to choose first since she won the last challenge. She chooses “trendsetter” for herself. Then Tim tells her she has to choose the style personas for all of the other designers as well. She chooses “bombshell” for Swapnil and Edmond, “girl next door” for Ashley, “modern classic” for Laurie, “femme nouveau” for Merline, and “trendsetter” for Kelly.

Tim tells them that the goal for this challenge is to create a high fashion look at an affordable price. The winning look will be mass produced on JustFab. And because they’re trying to create affordable garments, they’ll only have $100 to spend at Mood.

Later, Tim tells them that there is another component to the challenge. The designers have to create a label for themselves. They will put the label on a t-shirt and wear it on the runway. Although it’s something else to do, Edmond is happy for the opportunity to sell himself and not just his look.

Laurie says she hit rock bottom as a designer last week, but now she has a responsibility to get back up. She’s glad she got “modern classic” because she thinks it perfectly describes her personal style. She’s making a sheath dress with sharp lines in a bright blue. Tim’s worried that he’s seen the silhouette before and there’s no room for her to hide since there are so few people left. She experiences more problems later when she doesn’t finish the top part of her look. She hopes she can finish something so her model doesn’t go down the runway with her bra exposed. Again.

Merline is making something feminine and romantic in stark white. Tim warns her that it has to be executed perfectly since white doesn’t hide any mistakes.

Edmond doesn’t necessarily think that “bombshell” is good for his aesthetic. He wants to do something sexy, but not too crazy, so he picks out this black and red print at Mood. The print is a problem for Tim, who says it’s dowdy and just plain ugly. After his critique, Edmond sees Tim’s point so he decides to make a new tight fitting dress of extra red fabric that he has.

Candice struggles with narrowing her design at first, but then settles on making a black and white neoprene jacket with peplum. She has immunity for this challenge, but it’s the last immunity of the season.

Ashley is making a gold leather jacket with a print dress to go underneath. She says that she still struggles with self doubt, but she tries to keep pushing through it. Tim is worried that the print she picked out looks a little like a hospital gown. So instead of making a plain dress under the jacket, Ashley decides to make it a little more youthful by making it a crop top and a skirt.

Swapnil says that when he thinks of the word “bombshell,” he thinks of Jessica Rabbit. So he’s making a leopard print evening gown. Tim tells him that his silhouette is very familiar and doesn’t show originality, but Swapnil is confident in his design. He even insists on making a white shawl even when his fellow designers try to discourage him.

Kelly is really letting her freak flag fly on this challenge. That, and she’s really not concerned about working on a budget like the other designers since she’s been doing that since she was a kid. She’s making an asymmetrical printed jumpsuit. Somehow she’s managed to pick out crazy different prints and find a way to make them work together. Tim encourages her to use her faux fur and let her exuberance and creativity shine through.

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Fab Runway

Joining Nina, Zac and Heidi on the panel of judges tonight are pop star Ciara and Yuchin Mao from JustFab.

After the runway show, Heidi tells them that they have no highs and lows this week because the looks were all over the place. They’ll talk to everyone, but there will still be one winner and one person will be out.

Kelly: Heidi loves the mix prints and she can see young, hip girls wanting to wear it. Nina disagrees with Heidi. She understands she wants to be cool and modern but she thinks it looks clownish. Zac says if she’s going to do street wear, there has to be innovation.

Candice: Zac thinks her look is creative and well-executed. Nina thinks the skirt is edgy and cool, but she doesn’t love the crazy lapels. Heidi thinks it looks like a silhouette she’s never seen before. Yuchin thinks the top is way too clunky and not commercial enough to sell.

Merline: Zac likes the idea, but the final finish is lacking. Heidi says the final product makes it look like she doesn’t know how to sew. Yuchin says she missed the mark for her style persona and it would never be produced.

Ashley: Heidi thinks this is a top look. She’s a cute girl next door and she loves all three pieces. But Zac is disappointed. He doesn’t see any originality. Nina knows that she can do more, but that gold jacket could sell out. Ciara thinks it looks really cool and she’d wear it with a pair of sneakers. Yuchin thinks they could definitely sell the jacket.

Edmond: Zac says that there’s nothing new about this dress. It’s not innovative or creative. Heidi likes it, which isn’t shocking since she loves a tight red dress. Nina thinks it’s a dress that will sell online. Ciara says it’s a dress that every girl would want.

Laurie: Heidi can’t believe that they have to talk about her model’s exposed nipples. Zac says the top is not functional and the skirt is too basic. Nina says it’s not right for JustFab and a missed opportunity. Ciara thinks it may not be for JustFab, but it’s still fabulous.

Swapnil: Nina doesn’t mind the dress, but she doesn’t love the organza, she says he needs to edit himself down. Yuchin loves the jacket but it won’t sell. Ciara thinks the dress is sexy but the whole look is in need of simplification.


Edmond wins his third challenge with his sexy red dress. JustFab will be reproducing his look and selling it online. Ashley, Kelly and Candice are safe, and so is Swapnil, but Heidi warns him that he needs to step it up.

So, it’s Merline and Laurie in the bottom two. Now it’s Laurie who has run out of chances. It seems the judges got tired of seeing naked bodies on the runway.

Next week: The designers make over members of the Project Runway crew. Project Runway airs on Thursdays at 9pm on Lifetime.

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