“The Guy Who Acts a Fool” is upon us and I think we all know who that fool is: Devin. The models are challenged to perform instead of simply posing in front of some influential CW executives during the challenge, and later in the making of an outrageous commercial. All around, this episode of America’s Next Top Model is somewhat awkward in regard to modeling, but some competitors are us for the challenge.

With six challenges and seven major photo shoots under their belts, the competition is heating up for the remaining ten models: Witchy Bello, Whiney Courtney, Goofy Devin, Stunning Hadassah, Unemotional Justin, Beautiful Lacey, Exquisite Mame, Sleepy Ashley, Flirty Mikey, and Hot Nyle. Going forward, the nine who survive this episode will have to step up their games to keep from being in the bottom third and potentially being sent home to mommy. 

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Nyle: This Man is On Fire

Nyle won the challenge last week and is thrilled to see his image, larger than life, on the wall back at the house. Tyra Banks is especially proud of Nyle for this achievement and encourages him to keep bringing the sexy! Nyle shares how it’s a new and strange experience for him to be with people 24/7 who don’t sign. (Side note: Did we ever find out who he chose to share the Tyra suite with?)

The Models Compete for a Walk-on Part for a Series on The CW

Kelly Cutrone is joined by The CW’s Executive Vice President of Talent and Casting, Lori Openden. Kelly talks about how past ANTM models have won television parts, mentioning Denzel from Cycle 21 specifically. 

At stake is a walk-on television part for a series on The CW. Openden will give the models a scene to act out. There will be teams again, but this time they get to choose who they will be paired with. Kelly and Openden advise each model to choose wisely as they will be graded individually as well as for their team’s overall performance. 

The Princess and the Equine Lover

As last episode’s challenge winner, Nyle gets to pick his challenge partner first and chooses Lacey. Mame chooses Justin, Hadassah chooses Bello, and Devin chooses Ashley, leaving Mikey with Courtney. Once again. The models take a powder to peruse their lines and practice. How is this going to work with Nyle since the man don’t talk? I’m impressed that ANTM isn’t shy to continue with their usual challenges despite having a deaf model. That’s like real life. Can’t wait to see how they do this. 

The scenario is thus: A princess learns that her lover, the stable boy, is more in love with his horse than he is with her. (What? Weird.)

Mame and Justin are first. Justin spends much of the scene with his face turned toward the back screen. Kelly mentions to the judges that Justin and Mame are a romantic couple in real life. The judges are stunned to hear this since they saw no contentedness in their performance. Ouch. Bello forgets his lines right off the bat and the scene doesn’t improve. Courtney recites her lines as if she’s in a grade school play. Mikey and Courtney kinda stink. 

Devin’s performance was ratchet and ridiculous, “a freak show,” according to the judges. Ashley was completely frustrated with Devin who giggles throughout the entire performance. Later, Kelly chastises Devin for being disrespectful of the process and to the client. How can he be so full of himself and yet so kooky in person? I don’t get it. But, again, the cameras stinking love him.

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Nyle and Lacey: King and Queen of The CW

Lacey and Nyle do fantastically on their scene even though Nyle is speaking in sign language and Lacey has never acted before. Nyle does have acting experience, we learn, and the judges love him. Nyle and Lacey are the first team that the executives actually clap for. Appropriately, Lacey and Nyle win the team challenge. Lacey takes the top prize and will get a walk-on part in a CW series. 

Nyle’s Ex-lover Brittany Comes to Call and the Models Learn ASL

Back at the house, there’s a knock at the door. It’s Nyle’s best friend from high school whom he hasn’t seen in a year. She uses American Sign Language (ASL) exclusively and the two make a cute couple. Lacey admits feeling somewhat jealous as she’s attracted to the beautiful mute male model.

The models formally meet Ramon, Nyle’s interpreter, who explains that they will be learning ASL. Nyle and Brittany do the honors and give the others a lesson in sign language. For the next hour the models can only communicate using sign language so they can experience how challenging it it for Nyle. What a fantastic exercise, ANTM. Bravo. Everyone now has a greater appreciation for what it’s like to be unable to communicate verbally. 

Smell the Fierce and Feel My Boom Boom Boom

It’s Tyra Mail time. Her message is Smell the fierce. Feel my boom. Through a flashback we are reminded that the boom, boom, boom is a display of fantastic male abs. 

Meeting the models at Zuma Beach where the pelicans dive for fish and the seals play in the surf are creative director Yu Tsai and photographer Erik Asla. The assignment is to shoot some sexy commercials for Boom Boom Boom deodorant. (Has anyone ever heard of the stuff? That’s why they need a commercial.)

Yu and Erik announce they are looking for sexiness, confidence, and chemistry during these shoots. Yu chooses the teams starting with Lacey and Devin. The other teams are Ashley and Nyle, Courtney and Bello, Mame and Mikey, and, finely, Justin and Hadassah.

And … That’s a Wrap!

Lacey is not to thrilled to have Devin as her partner, but she’s always a good sport. Devin bombs once again with his acting. The man is just not sexy in the least. Poor Lacey. Fortunately for her, the camera stinking loves that woman.

Ashley and Nyle do their thing and it is rather steamy. These images are too amazing not to share with you here. Waiter, another glass of ice please … 

Mame and Mikey are next and it’s toe-curling hot, ladies. Did anyone else have to put the show on pause and consider taking a cold shower? Dang. Just look at this image below … and that wasn’t even the best part of the shoot.

Mame’s boyfriend, Justin, confesses to feeling jealous, but he deserves it. He’s been chilling toward Mame lately. She hopes this reality check will shake things up between them. 

Next up are Hadassah and Justin and it’s a total make-out scene again. For the first time Justin actually looks sexy to me. Bello and Courtney are a hot mess at first, then improve exponentially as they move forward and Yu Tsai is thrilled.

How Did the Boom Boom Boom Commercials Turn Out?

Mame and Mikey are up first at panel review. The voiceovers of the commercials sound like a 70s porn show. Let’s blame that awful script for the campiness. The video, however, turns out very nice and the judges give M&M kudos. Hadassah and Justin did pretty well. Bello reports being frustrated with Courtney because she was crying in the cold water when they were supposed to be connecting. The judges give these two kudos as well. 

Devin and Lacey are given high marks for their acting, though Devin is dogged for his horrendous delivery of his lines. Tyra is not happy with what she hears about his behavior during the challenge. 

Kelly doesn’t love Ashley and Nyle as a couple. Tyra gives Ashley tips on screen make-outs. 

At this point I have no idea who is going home. We’ve seen more than enough of Courtney and Devin. I’m hoping it’s one of them sent packing. Ashley’s not looking real promising either. 

Who is Still in the Running to Be America’s Next Top Model?

Top Three: Lacey, Mame, Nyle 

Middle Four: Bello, Mikey, Justin, Hadassah

Bottom Three: Courtney, Ashley, Devin

Tyra gives both Devin and Ashley hell for the giggling during their challenge performance. Tyra wasn’t at the shoot so she doesn’t know that it was all Devin’s fault. Tyra gives Devin a talking-to for his goofiness, however. The bummer here is that Devin, Ashley and Mikey are great friends and now one of them will be leaving.

The scores are added up and Ashley is sent home tearful, but much better for having had this experience. There are only nine left. At this point the models are getting to know each other so much better and the drama among them has dwindled. Every elimination going forward will take an emotional toll on the remaining contestants. If you had to pick one model to take the prize home today, who would you choose?

America’s Next Top Model airs Wednesdays at 8pm on The CW. 

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