Okay, so it’s an unforgivable pun of a title, but what else can you say when you learn that Tyra Banks has landed on the list of highest-paid TV celebrities as compiled by Forbes magazine?

Tyra made it into the list in the twelfth spot, having brought in $18 million from America’s Next Top Model and The Tyra Banks Show.

This feat is impressive not only for the fact that America’s Next Top Model premiered less than five years ago, but also since, at 33, she is the second youngest member of the list. Only Ryan Seacrest, who landed at number 16 with $14 million, is younger, but only by one year.

However, perhaps the most impressive entry on the list? The television star who came in second, but whose show hasn’t even been on the air in nine years!

Jerry Seinfeld handily beat Tyra, Ryan and all the other entries, landing that number two spot with the $60 million, a good deal of which he’s earned from the syndication of Seinfeld and sales of the series DVD. He also, of course, has endorsement deals and still does stand-up. Which, actually is a little disappointing. It would be awesome if the star of “show about nothing” just made his living entirely off of doing nothing once it was done.

Tyra still has a ways to go before she catches up with Seinfeld, and even further to go to catch up the number one earner on the list, Oprah Winfrey. Oprah earned $260 million over the last fiscal year.

Some have speculated that Tyra would like to follow in Oprah’s footsteps of creating an enormous media empire. If Tyra keeps up the ambitious pace she started with America’s Next Top Model, she might just eventually get there.

Forbes lists the complete roster of top TV earners on their website.

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