If you were surprised when DeAnna Pappas eliminated Jeremy Anderson on last night’s episode of The Bachelorette, you weren’t the only one. When she called Jason’s name instead of his at the rose ceremony, Jeremy couldn’t even bear to look at her. He left feeling confused, hurt, and led on by DeAnna. The goodbye was so difficult for him that he had his driver stop his limo on the way home so that he could take a minute to process what just happened. When the two reunited for The Bachelorette special, “The Men Tell All”, things got a little tense between them. Today, Jeremy spoke to reporters in a conference call and opened up about his heartache that played out on national television.

Jeremy left The Bachelorette, having not made the best impression on the other men on the show or America. “I don’t read the blogs anymore,” Jeremy told reporters. “At first I did but then I was like, ‘These are harsh’.” Jeremy earned several nicknames this season from American Psycho to Captain D-Bag. Some of the men felt that he was only there to win a competition but he swears that he had true feelings for DeAnna and fell in love with her.

When he was eliminated in the Bahamas, Jeremy had a hard time facing the truth and had his limo driver pull over to collect himself. “I was sick to my stomach,” he told BuddyTV. “I just didn’t want to throw up. I was still in shock.” Though nervous about seeing her again at “The Men Tell All”, he felt that he needed some answers about why she ended things with him, but left feeling more confused than ever. “I kept asking her, ‘Why would you give me the date card?’ and she dodged the questions,” he told reporters. “If she didn’t want to lead anybody on… why would you do that? That’s the worst kind of lead on: ‘Hey I don’t want to spend anymore time with you but I want to spend the night with you’.”

He claims that DeAnna was different when they saw each other again at the taping. “She’s normally really sweet with everybody,” he said. “Something was very off on ‘The Men Tell All’. Maybe she was bitter or maybe she’s ready for it to be over.” He said that he saw some things that America didn’t, during the taping, but was asked by ABC not to elaborate. Jeremy was asked who he thought would win next Monday but he only gave this cryptic answer: “I have a good idea. It’s pretty clear to me. She all but told us. Some of the comments she made about the [final two] guys made it painfully obvious as to whom she was picking … and I do mean painfully.”

DeAnna brings the final two men, Jason and Jesse, home to meet her family on Monday night’s episode of The Bachelorette. According to ABC, the episode will feature a surprising ending and a proposal.

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