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Thanks to our friends over at RealityBBQ, we have our first descriptions of what the new Big Brother 9 house will look like.  Before we get into to those details, there are some Big Brother house cleaning issues to address.  It has been confirmed that Big Brother 9 will indeed be a full season, going all the way into late April or early May.   It had been rumored earlier that CBS may turn Big Brother 9 into a Spring mini-season, lasting only around six weeks.  This would have allowed CBS more time to prepare for a full Big Brother season in the summer.  Also, CBS announced that on February 6, Julie Chen will be revealing the Big Brother 9 cast live on The Early Show. 

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ElaineN said: Well i dont no about that information above !! cause the way it looks it is over in 4 weeks! way to short,…

buddytvgina said: That’s interesting. I didn’t know all of that but I DO know that some of those details are definitely true…


Of course, I cannot wait to see who these new cast members are.  Selfishly, as a man, I hope they keep up with the shameless casting of good-looking ladies.  It worked last season – no reason to stop now.  I’m also relieved that CBS decided not to half-ass this season and give fans the full one they deserve.  Six weeks would have been far too short. 

So, here’s what we know about the new Big Brother house, which has apparently been changed dramatically to encompass a more winter-y theme:

-It’s all very colorful.  Not sure how I feel about this.  It could be distracting.

-The living room and the kitchen have been turned into a log cabin-type area.  Bunch of logs and stones and whatnot.

-The Diary Room has a real tree in it.  That’s pretty weird.

-The living room has a big, circular couch.

-The HoH room has a surfer theme.

-The bedrooms have individual spaces designed for alone time.

-The backyard now has a fire pit and the pool is heated. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
Source: RealityBBQ, TVGrapevine
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