We still have six designers left on season 4 of Project Runway, but in real time, it’s already New York City Fashion Week, and the judges and designers – including some from previous seasons – are out in full force.

Heidi Klum walked the runway yesterday, but she was neither headed to update a group of contestant about the week’s challenge, nor was she strutting to showcase an individual designer. Instead, she was helping with a star-studded event meant to raise awareness about cardiovascular disease.

Heidi and fourteen other stars took to the runway in red, the color of the campaign. She was joined by stars like actors Allison Janney of The West Wing and Juno and Cheryl Hines of Curb Your Enthusiasm, singers Joss Stone and Ashanti, and stage and screen stars Rita Moreno and Liza Minelli.

Heidi said of the event, “It’s a great cause. And it’s a great awareness factor. And all these different celebrities are here doing it because it’s the number one killer in America, for women. More than all the cancers together. And that’s a crazy number.”

Moving on, she might have just been auf’d from Project Runway, but that’s not slowing down Victorya Hong. She showed a new collection for her line Na Be. The show was kept very hush-hush up until the last moment. Initial reviews are mixed, with some admiring her construction but feeling it was “blah,” others seeing potential, and at least one that called it a “mess.”

Malan Breton, from season 3, has continued to find some success after the show. He’s now showing in the tents on February 6, right before Nanette Lepore and Project Runway judge Michael Kors.

Another previous season contestant has opted out of fighting for space, but will still be launching a show during Fashion Week. Zulema Griffin has decided to take the route of offering a digital show via her MySpace page as an alternative venue. She’ll have a live show later in the month.

The Project Runway alum said, If you don’t have the celebrity pull, it’s hard to stage shows now. It’s hard for people like me to get attention. In general, fashion is tough. You’re dealing with an industry that is completely incestuous. It’s sort of become this cliqueish club that’s hard to get in. This sort of presentation I’m doing is giving access to all people. And, ultimately, that’s who you’d like to reach. Chanel isn’t big because Posh Spice wore a suit. It’s many clients buying two or three suits.”

– Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: PapierDoll.net, Post-Gazette.com, Forbes.com, ShinyStyle.com, BloggingProjectRunway.blogspot.com
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