In the last episode of Survivor: Ghost Island, the two tribes met and got down to business immediately. The Malolo tribe (orange buff)  lost the first two immunity challenges, and  sent strong-willed Gonzalez and loose-cannon Jacob home. Two players from Manolo, Jacob and Donathan, were sent separately to Ghost Island. Jacob played a game to win an advantage, while Donathan wasn’t given a chance to do anything except be spooked by his creepy accommodations.

Drop Your Buffs 

In this episode of Survivor: Ghost Island, “Only Time Will Tell,” Jeff Probst gages how the players are feeling so far. Both tribes explain how they feel that they are strong and united. Cue the music — It is time for everyone to drop their buffs! 

The dismay and anxiety among the players is palpable, and Angela from the Naviti tribe is very emotional. Each player reaches into Probst’s baskets of fear and uncertainty to claim their new buff, and new tribal identity. 

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The new Naviti tribe (purple buff) members are: Donathan, Libby, Laurel, James, Chris, Domenick, Wendell, Angela and Morgan. Morgan cannot hide her excitement at staying Naviti because she loves purple, and she gets to keep the living room furniture that the tribe has at camp. 

The new Manolo tribe (orange buff) members are: Jenna, Stephanie, Brendan, Michael, Desiree, Sebastian, Kellyn, Bradley, and Chelsea. Kellyn tries to look on the bright side and is enthusiastic about meeting new people. Something tells me that this enthusiasm may dim once everyone sees the inferior Malolo camp. 

Malolo Tribe

As the players chat, Sebastian inwardly revels in the fact that he has four other former members of the Naviti tribe with him. In fact, Sebastian calls himself “a happy, smiley, giggly piece of Laffy Taffy.” Well said, my friend.

The former Naviti tribe members are horrified by the sparse and bumpy shelter after leaving their treasured comfort items at their previous camp. Bradley complains about the camp to Brendan, who is learning that the former Naviti tribe members like to complain — a lot. He is also concerned abut the numbers, which are in favor of the former Naviti. 

Jenna and Stephanie know that they are in the minority, and Kellyn tells them that the former Naviti group won’t flip on each other. So, these two ladies are desperately searching for an idol and are quickly joined by the rest of the former Malolo tribe, Brendan and Michael. Michael comes up lucky and finds an immunity idol. But this just isn’t a plain immunity idol — it is James’ idol from Survivor: China. (James, of course, has the distinction of being the only player sent home with two idols. Ouch!) It is fitting because the first season of the show that Michael watched was Survivor: China, and James was his favorite castaway. Michael is looking forward to “reversing the curse” with the idol. That is cool.

Naviti Tribe

Donathan is thrilled with the shelter, furniture, fire pit and beautiful view from his new camp. Chris knows that they have a five to four advantage, but he is still obsessing over Domenick and his possibly real (or possibly fake) idol. Chris tells Angela that Domenick has an idol, and that they need to eliminate him from the game. Angela doesn’t appreciate Chris’s aggressive approach and is immediately turned off by his attitude. Chris tells Libby and James, who are new to this tribe, that Domenick needs to leave. I think that Chris is putting a target on his back with his approach. 

Morgan and Domenick talk strategy, and they think that Chris and Angela are in a tight alliance. This duo agrees that they need to turn all four former Malolo to their side before Chris turns on them. Libby and Morgan bond over their shared Catholic faith and form a strong alliance. 

Immunity Challenge

First of all, I am exhausted just looking at this challenge course. Contestants must race through a course of ramped walls to a sand pit where they must unearth a ladder. They must climb the ladder, grab a rope and then scale a tower. At the top of the tower, they must solve a puzzle that looks very intricate and complicated. The winning tribe will win a fashionable brown tarp and be safe from tribal council. The winning tribe will also send a member of the losing tribe to Ghost Island. 

The Naviti tribe has some trouble getting through the ramped walls, and several members must start over. For the Naviti tribe, Wendell and Laurel tackle the puzzle. Kellyn and Bradley work on the puzzle for Malolo. In the end, Malolo wins immunity. 

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Malolo must make a unanimous decision on who from Naviti to send to Ghost Island. If the decision is not unanimous, the Naviti tribe will draw rocks. The Malolo tribe cannot agree, so the other tribe must draw rocks. Chris gets the white rock and a ticket to Ghost Island. At least he cannot be voted out at tribal council. 

Ghost Island

Chris laments the fact that he is missing a tribal council where he believes that he is playing a big role in who is voted off. Chris smashes an urn and his scroll reads, “Nope. Not today. No game for you.” He becomes quite emotional about missing his family and he breaks down in tears. His mother is his hero. She was diagnosed with MS when she was in her twenties and defied the odds 10 years ago when she was given only two months to live. Chris uses his time on Ghost Island to think about his mother and recalibrate himself before returning to the Naviti tribe. 

Naviti Tribe

Angela believes that the four former Malolo tribe members will vote for Domenick, just as Chris instructed. But Angela isn’t about to just give up control of her game, and she decides that loyalty is of the utmost importance. Wendell and Angela discuss voting for Libby. Wendell doesn’t trust Angela because of her relationship with Chris, so Morgan and Wendell decide that Angela should be the one on the chopping block. 

Domenick is eager to prove that he is being upfront with the former Malolo tribe members, and he explains about the fake idol that he showed to Chris. They are not really impressed. James thinks that Domenick may not be trustworthy, even though he just swore on his children that he wants to work with the Malolo Four. Yikes! 

The Malolo Four discuss their options, including voting off Morgan or Wendell. Libby wants to keep Morgan for as long as possible. (Is anyone’s else head spinning?) 

Tribal Council

It is time to meet with Probst, and he wastes no time in questioning the newly-blended tribe. Domenick admits to exploring to see if any alliances have any cracks, because he doesn’t want the decision to come down to rocks. Domenick is stunned and offended when Angela explains that she feels pressure to vote a certain way. Angela explains how Chris was giving orders, and Morgan replies that Chris isn’t there for the vote. 

The Vote

Angela, Libby and Morgan all get votes. In the end, Morgan is the third person voted out of Survivor: Ghost Island. She is stunned and leaves with the Legacy Advantage. Morgan also utters a warning to her former tribemates, “Don’t trust the cute blonde.”

What do you think of the new tribes?  With the tribes continue to vote with their original members? Does Chris have a target on his back? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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