The X Factor already has one big problem this season and it’s resulting in a second vote. On Wednesday’s Top 13 performance show, a graphics error caused the wrong numbers to be displayed at the end of the night, so FOX is dropping the votes and redoing the whole thing on Thursday.

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Thursday’s episode, originally scheduled for the results, will now be a one-hour performance show when the Top 13 perform their “Save Me” songs. At the end of the hour, voting will be opened again and the new results will be revealed next Wednesday.

This certainly throws a monkey wrench into everything and it will be interesting to see how The X Factor handles it. Thursday’s episode is still scheduled for a single hour, and I have no idea how they’re going to squeeze 13 performances into that time. I suspect there will be almost no judges’ comments and I assume the performance by Selena Gomez will be scrapped.

Wednesday’s performances may factor into how the re-vote goes, but any votes cast will be thrown out. To recap, here’s the schedule

Thursday, November 7 at 8pm (one-hour)
The Top 13 will perform again for America’s votes

Wednesday, November 13 at 8pm (two-hours)
The results from the Top 13 will be revealed and the Top 12 will then perform songs from the ’80s for America’s votes

Thursday, November 14 at 8pm (one-hour)
The results from the Top 12 will be revealed

Well done, The X Factor. It’s only the first week of voting and it’s already screwed up. It’s already harder and harder to take this show as a serious peer to American Idol and The Voice given its ratings, and this only adds to that trouble.

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