This week on America’s Next Top Model, the 10 remaining petite models of Le Cycle 13 have their toughest challenge yet: posing for the world’s craziest photographer… Tyra Banks.

Tyra will be draping each model in “vibrant fabrics” for this week’s shoot, and famous petite model China Chow will help guest judge.

Who’s most likely to channel the power of Smeyes, and who is next to say her goodbyes? (Hey, that rhymed!)

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Here are my picks for who’s safe, who’s likely to sail through (at least for this week), and who should be scared she’ll no longer be in the running to be America’s Next Top Model.

Who’s Safe: So far, in the judges’ eyes, Nicole, Erin, and Laura can do no wrong. Surprisingly enough, this time around viewers seem to actually agree with Tyra’s praises for Bloody Eyeball, Bleached Brows, and Backwoods Barbie. Not only are they each adorable, but they take good photos. I would be shocked if any of these 3 went home any time soon. Even though she was in the bottom 2 last week, Brittany is still on a runway challenge-win high, and seems like the type who will only improve after such a scare. She’s staying put.

Who’s On the Bubble:
With 10 models still left in the running, it’s anyone’s guess as to which inconsistent contestant will be the first to get the boot. Kara and Sundai come to mind: in a rare case, each of them could surprise us all and learn how to perfectly and consistently tone down her face or appear at least 4 inches taller all the time (respectively), but it’s not exactly likely. One false step could send these loose cannons packing at any time. On the other side of hopeful, Rae and Jennifer are both in the middle of the pack thus far, and it remains to be seen if Rae’s first call-out magic will rekindle or fade, or whether Jennifer’s eye condition will cripple her confidence. For the time being, though, they both seem on the upswing.

Who’s In Danger:
Let’s not beat around the bush here: gotta be Ashley and Bianca. After Lulu was sent home, it would be both surprising and disappointing to see the majority of the black models follow her out the door, with Sundai seemingly on the precipice of elimination as well. But pictures don’t lie: Ashley and Bianca are at the bottom of the pecking order when it comes to photo shoot performance, and their respective attitudes (or edits?) aren’t exactly endearing them to the public, either.

Be sure to tune in Wednesday night at 8 PM for episode 5, “Take My Photo, Tyra!” and check back to BuddyTV for the full recap, post-photo shoot rankings, and interview with the eliminated model!

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