Tonight, on America’s Next Top Model, the girls receive makeovers as chosen by Tyra herself. Afterwards, special guest Elle MacPherson surprises the girls as a photo shoot, where they model her new line of lingerie. There’s more drama in the top model house as Fatima and Allison get into an argument over racist comments.

The girls kick off the evening with a makeup challenge. They had very little time to throw on some Cover Girl makeup and the winner would have her photo featured in WalMart stores across the country. Though Allison and Whitney did well, the judges ultimately decided to make Claire the winner.

Back at the house, while playing with dolls, Allison made a comment that the black doll should have a bigger behind. She wanted to stuff the jeans to make her look more accurately proportioned. Fatima, naturally, took offense and the two got into an argument about Allison’s offensive comments.

Tyra met up with the girl to give them their surprise makeovers. They sat in chairs, having no idea what they’re going to look like until they see themselves in the mirror. Anya’s hair was dyed platinum blonde and Whitney received long blonde extensions. Aimee dyed her hair red and received bangs. Marvita had a horse mane weave, keeping her hair short on the sides and long from the middle on down.

Lauren received beautiful red highlights. Katarzyna went dark while Claire went very light blonde. Allison’s hair was lightened while Dominique lost some length. Stacey Ann’s hair was completely chopped off. Amis received extensions and blonde highlights while Fatima suffered as her weave was sewn in.

At their photo shoot, the girls were surprised by Elle MacPherson and found out they would be modeling her latest line of lingerie. Fatima and Marvita gave standout performances along with Aimee, Katarzyna, and Claire. Allison worked too hard on her poses in the mirror and didn’t come across as being natural enough. Amis had a hard time following directions and Lauren just looked awkward.

In panel, the judges felt that Dominique was more commercial than high fashion, a comment she took offense to.  Claire needs to learn how to use her eyebrows while softening her mouth, the way Christy Turlington is so good at.  The judges were turned off when they complimented Allison’s new look and she didn’t thank them.

Tyra surprises everyone by calling Lauren first.  Marvita is called next followed by Aimee, Claire, Stacy Ann, Anya, Katarzyna, and Amis.  Allison and Dominique are left in the bottom two.  Both girls have to learn that they’re not perfect and need a little humility.  Allison is eliminated and will be talking to BuddyTV tomorrow in an exclusive interview.  Don’t miss it!

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

Gina Scarpa

Staff Writer, BuddyTV