Tyra Banks and her crew at the CW have announced the 13 lucky young women who will compete for the title of America’s Next Top Model starting March 10.

Check out the models: America’s Next Top Model Cycle 14: Meet the Models

Tyra decided it would be best to put the girls in neon 80’s-inspired leotards (with the brightest of bright eyeshadows to match!) for their initial photoshoot, but we can still spot some gorgeous faces, striking features, and massive potential in the bunch. Below, check out our first impressions of the ANTM top 13.

We hate to say it, but will be a relief to see a set of long-legged glamazons gracing our screen after last cycle’s stumpier bunch of contestants. These ladies can work it, and more than a few look like they’ll have egos to match. Plus, many of them have unusual names that are so fun to say: Angelea! Naduah! Anslee! It’s like popcorn gibberish in my mouth!

Well done, Tyra. Well done.

Name: Gabrielle
Age: 18

Tyra should stay away from:
Her hair!
Could use some help with: Forming a facial expression
Reminds us of: A Na’vi (Avatar)

krista-portrait1.jpgName: Krista
Age: 26

Whoa, hold on, did you just say 26?! Yes
Danger zone: Is that a lazy eye?
Blessed with: Beautiful skin, strong cheekbones
Reminds us of: An unbald Nnenna (Cycle 6)

Name: Brenda
Age: 23

Blessing or curse?
Delicate androgyny
Please, God, don’t let Tyra give her: A weave
Totally unfounded personality prediction: Insecure
Reminds us of: Majorie (Cycle 11) and David Bowie

simone-portrait1.jpgName: Simone
Age: 19

Wish we could steal: Her lips
Could use some help with: Her unfortunate Cassie haircut
Confident or arrogant? Her eyes say it’s got to be one or the other.

raina-portrait1.jpgName: Raina
Age: 22

Tyra should stay away from: Her hair and eyebrows
Blessing or curse? Classic European model features
Reminds us of: A grown up Wednesday Addams

alexandra-portrait1.jpgName: Alexandra
Age: 21

Imaginary thought bubble: “I have no idea what I’m doing.”
Danger zone: That makeup overpowers her face. Big time.
Could use some help with: Not looking like a deer in headlights
Reminds us of: Brooke (Cycle 7)

anslee-portrait1.jpgName: Anslee
Age: 23

Why we like her: She’s a bartender
Why we worry for her: Grouchy mouth syndrome
Totally unfounded personality prediction: Uptight
Reminds us of: A little Natasha (Cycle 8), a little Anya (Cycle 10)

angelea-portrait1.jpgName: Angelea
Age: 23

Occupation Translation: “Answering Service Operator” = Phone Sex Operator
Tyra will scold her for: Looking too sexy in every shot
Reminds us of: Jaslene (Cycle 10) / Drag Queen

naduah-portrait1.jpgName: Naduah
Age: 22

Hot-bald or weird-bald?: Weird-bald
Could that work for her? Hard to tell. That eyeshadow is ruining the face for us right now.
Reminds us of: Sinead O’Connor circa “Nothing Compares 2 U”

ren-portrait1.jpgName: Ren
Age: 22

Occupation Translation: “Living” = “Lazy Rebel”
Weird-cool or weird-annoying? Anyone who lists “Living” as their occupation is probably annoying
Why we like her anyway: She’s beautiful. Those lips! Those eyes!
Reminds us of: A little bit Elyse (Cycle 1), a little bit Jayla (Cycle 5)

alasia-portrait1.jpgName: Alasia
Age: 18

Does her name sound like a medical condition? Yes
If Alasia was a condition and this girl had it, what would it mean? Deadly allergy to green eyeshadow
Other ailments: Lack of smeyes
Reminds us of: Bre (Cycle 5)

jessica-portrait1.jpgName: Jessica
Age: 18

Blessing or curse? Lists occupation as “model”
What’s going on with her hands? I don’t know, either
Tyra will scold her for: Trying too hard
Reminds us of: Laura the Look-Chameleon (Cycle 13)

tatianna-portrait1.jpgName: Tatianna
Age: 21

Please, God, don’t let Tyra give her: Purple lipstick ever again
Why we don’t like her: She got to grow up in Hawaii. Jealous!
Why we like her: Wash off the lipstick and she’s a blonde babe
Why we worry for her: Dead eyes
Reminds us of: A little bit Doutzen Kroes?

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