Winning the 13th Cycle of America’s Next Top Model didn’t really change Nicole Fox all that much, because she still remains as awkward as ever.  Especially when stumbling upon stars like Robert Pattinson.  Caught backstage, Hollywood hotshot a few steps away, what would Bloody Eyeball do?

The CW Source cites a news report from E! Online with this answer: she just bowed her head and walked away.  Well, we couldn’t possibly expect the dorky redhead to squeal in delight.

Petite model Nicole Fox had just made an appearance at Regis & Kelly when she went behind the scenes and ran into the Twilight star.  “I was backstage going to the bathroom–in a bathroom I probably wasn’t supposed to be using,” she told the publication.  “But when I came out, [Robert Pattinson] was in the hallway, like two feet away from me, [just] standing there.”

She already had enough to worry about regarding her interview, so she wasn’t able to gather her courage and talk to Pattinson.  “He was surrounded by his throng of people,” the America’s Next Top Model winner explained.  “And so I didn’t want to feel like a dorky fangirl.  I just looked down at my shoes and walked away.”

Truth be told, Nicole wasn’t really that big a fan in the first place.  “I haven’t seen the Twilight movies or anything like that.  But I definitely have friends who are obsessed,” she said.

She then explained how she recognized the actor.  “For this Halloween, actually, I helped out one of my friends with her costume.  She wanted a bigger-than-life portrait drawn of Robert Pattinson on her shirt.  I drew that portrait–which is partially why I recognized him when I saw him in the hallway.  I was like, Oh! That hair!  I know that hair.  I’ve drawn that hair!”

But seeing Pattinson up close definitely had an effect on the 18-year-old.  “Perhaps I will begin to watch the Twilight movies n w that I saw him in real life,” Nicole added.  More money for the vampires then.

Source: The CW Source, E! Online
(Image Courtesy of the CW)

Maria Gonzalez

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