Last night, tonight’s episode was hyped as containing the audition that we’ll all be talking about tomorrow. That’s a lot of energy dedicated to America’s Got Talent, at least in my life. But hey, I am pretty sure I saw that water-skiing squirrel, and I will never deny that some space in my life/heart. We’re back in Austin, Texas for some more weirdness.

The first act up is The Aurora Light Painters, who move lights around quickly and “paint” with them. The music in their intro package tells me this will be a big flop, because it’s kooky music. They’re from San Francisco but they’re having a REALLY fun time in Austin. I bet they are. Sharon looks concerned. I’m delighted that the act is actually great and delightful and unique. They were right, it was science and it was magic! I loved it. They’re in!

After a slough of bad/weird auditions, the Austin auditions bring us yet another danger/sideshow act. It seems like there’s more of those this season, and less singers. The Doppleganger Circus Sideshow put an apron on the girlfriend, and an apple in her mouth. I am SO opposed to this. He got out a chainsaw and sawed at the apple with it. He carved an H into the apple, but the apple was too big and gave her lockjaw. DANGER! How humiliating for everyone involved. It’s a no.

Jada, a pop girl group was bad. Maybe they just didn’t practice? Some inflatable little characters ran on stage, but the best part of that act was when one of them face-planted. The obligatory large male stripper was in this bunch, too. It’s a no for all three acts, and it doesn’t inspire much confidence in the titular claim of this show.

Eric and Olivia are an act but they’re not a couple! She might be too pretty for him. He’s obviously more into her than she is into him, romantically speaking. “Are you in love with her?” Howard asks, followed by, “who decided you two were just friends?” and “Eric, close the deal!” They lay down a mellow, artsy acoustic version of “Moves Like Jagger.” I haven’t decided whether or not I hate her out of jealousy yet, but they are a good enjoyable group and are representing the live music capitol of the world! Howard liked the surprise, Howie thought it was too lounge-y and intimate for a million dollar act, and Sharon disagreed with Howie. I’m not sure why Howie is saying no at this stage in the game to legitimate talent. But we’ll see them again in Las Vegas.

In the older-gentlemen-who-sing-opera category, we have 58-year old Richard Grossman. I like when people are good at opera. Richard Grossman is not good at opera. He claims it’s not that hard, but I think to do anything poorly is fairly easy. He told Howard he doesn’t appreciate the rudeness. The truth is that it was not good. Please get off the stage, weird person.

26-year old Eric Dittelman is a mind-reader! I am very, very interested to see this. He passes out paper and pens to the judges, then duct tapes half dollars over his eyes, and around his head. He starts by guessing Howie’s drawing, which is just an ear. Howie’s ear. Howard drew himself, too. Sharon drew a pair of glasses. He guessed them all pretty quickly and the judges were baffled. That was cool! I love it. I can’t wait to see him again in Las Vegas (or straight through to the quarter-finals).

Summer Lacey impresses with an aerial dance piece on chains. That was crazy! Good on you, girl. Nicki Jensen enters the female vocalist category, under the sub-category of girls who pronounce their “s” like “sh” and “ah” like “oy.” A B-boy did a backwards worm, which I’ve never seen before. That will be cool to see again.

This guy, Andrew De Leon, who looks like Criss Angel, has never sung in front of anyone before. He has also NEVER SMILED. He looks overcome with nerves. The song starts playing, and it’s sweet and operatic. All of a sudden this gorgeous operatic high tenor comes out of his mouth. Audience members start wiping tears from their eyes. WHAT! In this harsh land of absolutes, accept or deny, Andrew has been accepted. I like him! Pretty cool. It’s a yes for him, of course, and a yes for emotions! His family talk to him backstage was quite touching.

What was your favorite audition of the night?

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