American Idol winner and proud wearer of a promise ring Jordin Sparks had had enough of host Russell Brand at Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards.  Brand had repeatedly mocked the Jonas Brothers and their promise rings, rings that symbolize their vow to not have sex until they are married.  Jordin Sparks, heated, decided to take advantage of her award presenting duties and went off-book, blasting Brand and endorsing promise rings, saying “It’s not bad to wear a promise ring because not everybody, guy or girl, wants to be a slut.”  Sparks found herself having to answer to press after the show, and she didn’t totally back down.  “I don’t feel bad for what I said (but) I didn’t mean to offend anybody if I did,” Sparks said.

I’m sorry, but promise rings are ripe for humor.  Remaining chaste until marriage is a personal choice, obviously, and should be respected by everyone.  But, there’s simply no need to have an outward symbol of your decision, because it does nothing but call attention to your decision and imply superiority, whether that was the intention or not.  It has no practical value, and for the Jonas Brothers, who are now ridiculously famous, their wearing of said promise rings is simply a publicity method.  If it’s a personal decision, keep it personal.  Even if you’d like the world to know you are keeping abstinent, just say it.  You don’t have to wear a silly ring.  Russell Brand had every right to poke fun at the Jonas Brothers, and he did so without being malicious.  

Jordin Sparks, on the other hand, decided to insinuate that anyone who does have sex before marriage is a slut.  That, frankly, is much more offensive than anything Russell Brand, a comedian who is expected to make fun of the audience, had to say during the VMAs.  But, I understand where Jordin Sparks is coming from.  The American Idol winner has been open about her religious beliefs and I’m sure that she was uncomfortable with a lot of the political opinions, in addition to the promise ring stuff, that Brand spouted early on in the VMAs (Brand pleaded for America to vote for Barack Obama and called George W. Bush “that retarded cowboy fella.”)  She felt she had to stand up for her opinions and make it clear to her fans that Brand and, tangentially, MTV, did not represent her beliefs.  She just could have gone about it in a more tactful manner.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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Oscar Dahl

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