After correctly predicting that, beyond all odds, Chris Sligh would be ejected from American Idol, I’m feeling a little invincible in the prediction department tonight.  But there is an uneasiness that accompanied that little burst of adrenaline you get from being right against the odds;  the fact that part of Chris Sligh being voted off American Idol would be connected to a vast conspiracy within the halls of FOX to have Sligh cut for cavorting with their enemy, VoteForTheWorst.

Last week Chris made the curious offhand statement “Hi Dave” at the end of his performance that sent a chill through the judging panel.  People were visibly upset, to the point that a seemingly daft Ryan Seacrest pulled away from his usual jibber-jabber to ask what the deal was.  What few knew at the time was that Chris was answering the call to acknowledge he was a reader of VoteForTheWorst.

The problem here isn’t that VoteForTheWorst subverts the voting process, the site also makes many disparaging claims about the show’s audition process, as well as the veracity of some of the contestants back stories.    The site has been a thorn in FOX’s side for some time now and FOX has sought, unsuccessfully, to shut the site down on several occasions with bogus copyright violation claims.

Would FOX stand for a contestant promoting their enemy on their own show?   Would they fabricate voting results to dispatch that contestant, rather than ask them to bow out voluntarily?   Expect these questions to be the fodder of American Idol fan discussion for weeks to come.  Particularly amongst Chris Sligh fans.

– Jon Lachonis, BudddyTV Senior Writer
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