After last night’s prom-themed dance party, it’s time for one of our celebrity couples to sober up and head home. Guest performances are set to include Huey Lewis and the News, along with Demi Lovato. The live blog begins now:

Twitter factors in again tonight, as Zendaya and Jacoby are elected king and queen of prom, I guess. This gives them each two extra points, but they didn’t need them:


Zendaya and Val

Jacoby and Karina

The two fake high school monarchs are then treated to a performance from Huey Lewis and the News, playing “The Heart of Rock and Roll.”

In keeping with the high school theme, the contestants then consider who should win which class awards. I didn’t know that Jacoby was the best farter, and now I do.

For the encore, Bruno jumps in to the YMCA routine. Last night it was a middling performance, Bruno’s presence kicks it up a notch.


Kellie and Derek

D.L. and Cheryl

Well, D.L. remains a bad sport. The judges are hard on you because you aren’t dancing very well, D.L. You can either accept that and laugh it off, or you can dance better–count me as a member of Team Len on that one.

Now it’s time for a manly dance war, as the leather-clad male half of the dance company rage-ballets at each other for whatever reason. Combined with the YMCA routine, this is shaping up to be a bit of a niche episode.


Sean and Peta

Victor and Lindsay

In Jeopardy:

Lisa and Gleb

Andy and Sharna

Andy just can’t catch a break. While D.L, Wynonna and Lisa are the obvious bottom three in my opinion, this is Andy’s second week at the bottom, which doesn’t bode well for him.

This week’s filler montage is a debate as to whether male or females celebrities have it harder — the bottom line is that men and women be different.

From there we have something very cool, as the sponsored Stars of Dance perform a pre-taped routine mixing backward and forward footage. It’s an excellent little mind-bender, mixing smart choreography with the unique opportunities of video. Honestly, it’s one of the best vignettes I’ve seen on the show — the other filler segments need to step it up.

Demi Lovato performs next. No mention of her twitter rant a few months ago about Zendaya’s alleged eating disorder, but that’s just fine because I hate myself for even knowing that happened.


Alexandra and Mark

Ingo and Kym

In Jeopardy:

Wynonna and Tony

With our bottom three in place, it’s time to narrow it down:


Lisa and Gleb

Andy and Sharna

Wynonna Judd is eliminated.

I think that’s fair.

That does it for this week’s DWTS elimination. D.L. once again proves to be an inexplicable crowd favorite, while Andy has another close brush with elimination. Scores only go so far; it’s votes that determine who stays and who goes.

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Ted Kindig

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