American Idol is rapidly approaching the end of season 13, and after tonight only four singers will remain. After the Top 5 performed twice, the general consensus is that it’s Sam Woolf’s time to go, but will there be a surprise?

Recap: Top 5 Perform>>

Despite having two of my three favorite performances, Jessica Meuse has been in the Bottom 2 for the past two weeks and could wind up there again. Meanwhile, Caleb Johnson and Alex Preston have never been in the bottom, and Jena Irene hasn’t been in the bottom since the Top 12. Will any of that change?

THIS…is American Idol!

Ryan Seacrest announces a “shocking twist” tonight. He adds that it’s a game-changer and all of the remaining singers will be forced to make a very difficult decision. What the heck is going on? I have a bad feeling that we’re heading for some non-elimination B.S.

Dinner for 5: Nothing that interesting happens, except Sam’s awkwardness over meeting Ariana Grande and then tripping on the stairs. He’s so embarrassed even thinking about it.

“Good Thing” by Keith Urban

Ariana Grande and Austin Mahone showed up last night, but the best they could do is have Keith Urban perform to fill time? It’s a fine pop country tune, but it’s definitely filler, only delaying the big, shocking, game-changing announcement Ryan has in store.

Replay: Twenty minutes into the half-hour episode, Randy Jackson recaps last night’s performances and there’s still no mention of results or eliminations. Like the other judges, Randy sandbags Jessica and says she didn’t have the best of nights. He’s then positive about Sam.

A Dramatic Proposal

Ryan says that the Final 5 singers all get to choose what happens. Either the person with the lowest number of votes goes home or they all stay and it’s a double elimination next week. WHAT? This is so stupid, and it makes me assume someone the judges and producers LOVE  (Alex, Caleb or Jena) has the lowest number of votes and this is their way of fixing that.

It’s kind of like the Stanford Marshmallow Experiment, where children could get one marshmallow now or two if they wait 15 minutes. The dumber kids took one right away, because they liked the immediacy of it. That would be not eliminating anyone tonight. But the kids who went on to become more successful waited for the two marshmallows, because they could think about long-term benefits, which is choosing to send someone home tonight and not having a dreaded double elimination next week.


Wow, two people actually voted to send someone home tonight! It was anonymous, but I LOVE those two people. Even Ryan and the judges are shocked that two people would be so rational and callous. This really is the most shocking result because I’m sure the producers assumed that everyone would vote to keep everyone safe.


Um, OK. Everyone assumed this was going to happen, so I’m not sure why they tried so hard to avoid it. He was already Saved and got a few extra weeks, but he was never going to win.

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Next week on American Idol: The Final 4 sing about the ups and downs of love.

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