Did the Top 10 take the stage on The Voice on Monday night? I couldn’t tell you, as I was too busy trying to get through to Adam Levine’s maybe phone number. Just kidding. Maybe.

Anyway, 10 will become 8 tonight thanks to America’s calls, votes and purchases of iTunes versions (mostly purchases of iTunes songs). Unlike last week, when two artists were on the outside looking in, the Top 10 all landed on the iTunes Top 200 Singles Chart, which makes the predictions that much more tougher, which is what we all want.

By the time voting ended at noon Eastern, here is how the standings looked on iTunes:

#4 Christina Grimmie “Hold On We’re Going Home”

#16 Kristin Merlin “Let Her Go”

#29 Audra McLaughlin “You Lie”

#33 Kat Perkins “Landslide”

#34 Josh Kaufman “This is It”

#37 Jake Worthington “Run”

#65 Sisaundra Lewis “Oh Sherrie”

#74 Delvin Choice “Bright Lights”

#124 Bria Kelly “I’m With You”

#151 Tess Boyer “Ain’t It Fun”

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Who’s Safe?

By cracking the Top 10, Christina Grimmie‘s iTunes votes will be multiplied by 5 so she’s definitely safe. While not the best outright singer of the competition, she did a smart thing by taking a recent hit, change it up — and play piano to boot, turning it into something uniquely different but still recognizable. The last time a female singer from a singing competition did a Drake song, he showed up. Oh, and she went on to win the show too. No word whether Blake Shelton has Drake’s number as well.

I’m putting Kristin Merlin as definitely safe as well. She did better rankings wise this week even though I thought her performance last week was better. After Cole Vosbury basically introduced “Let Her Go” to the mainstream audience just last season, Kristin’s didn’t measure up. However, it seems like she has a growing fan base, and I predict them to keep her safe this week.

Who’s in the Middle?

I’m putting Audra McLaughlin, Josh Kaufman and Jake Worthington in the middle and safe.

Sisaundra Lewis and Delvin Choice are here too, but I wouldn’t be surprised if either of them are actually in the bottom. Sisaundra performed way better on iTunes this week, and like Adam Levine said, the roof is gone after her show-closing performance. However, I don’t feel a strong connection to her — especially compared with Delvin. 

It’s time for Delvin to pull a Christina and take a current song and show his artistry. Continuing to perform “older” songs just isn’t going to cut it in this competition. Yeah, it’s The Voice, and he’s one of my favorites, but it’s also about getting America to buy your song too. Last week he was #124 and while he did better this week at #74, I’d like to see him crack the top 30.

Who’s in Danger?

Bria Kelly and Tess Boyer find themselves as the last two artists on the charts — just like last week — and it shouldn’t surprise anyone. I’m not sure what’s going on with Bria and Usher but since her audition, she’s been struggling more often than not to recreate that magic. Even if you’re trying to show a different side of yourself, I don’t know why it would be Avril Lavigne’s side.

As for Tess, she had a good run but pop vocalists who just perform their songs straight on aren’t going to make it far. Plus, can we please stop singing Paramore? I have absolutely nothing against them, but anyone who tries to take on Hayley Williams will just sound like a karaoke version of her.

For my third bottom three, I’m picking Kat Perkins, even though her iTunes positioning has her in the top half of the artists. It was absolutely nice to see her not-yelling side, but those low notes were cringing to hear.

Who Will Twitter Save?

The person with the lowest votes will be Bria, and so it will be up to Twitter to save Tess or Kat. Tess has over 22,000 followers while Kat is right behind her with more than 19,000. Will America save Tess for a second week?

I’m predicting no, which means we’ll see Tess Boyer and Bria Kelly eliminated. 

The Voice airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8pm on NBC.

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Esther Gim

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV