This week marked the first time that viewers could vote for their favorite season 12 contestants. And now that the Top 20 semifinalists have all performed, it’s out of their control — I bet some of those guys wish they could have a do-over — because tonight on an expanded results show, the five girls and five guys with the most votes will advance to the Top 10.

Everyone’s been wondering if there will be a Wild Card this year. Executive Producer Nigel Lythgoe recently said on Twitter that it’s up to FOX and the judges. But with tonight’s episode running 90 minutes, and the fact that Randy on Tuesday pretty much let the cat out of the bag and said we might need a Wild Card after seeing the strong talent from the girls, I think it’s pretty much a given. (It’s been no secret they want to make sure a girl wins this year.)

So who will be here next week to sing again? For the girls, it’s pretty easy to predict. But even if we’re off by one or two, a potential Wild Card should take care of that pretty easily. Let’s start by looking at the girls and their chances of staying or heading home:

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Angie Miller: She stunned both the judges and us viewers during Hollywood Week with an original song. So even if she had turned in a middle-of-the-road performance this week, she would still be advancing. Singing Colton Dixon’s “Never Gone,” you could feel the emotional connection to the song, and her tone is quite beautiful.

Kree Harrison: I know that everyone loves Kree, but I’ll admit that I’m still not on board with her yet. She’s got a good voice, but so far I don’t see anything distinguishable about her. However, she gave one of the stronger performances of the night, and is a lock for the Top 10.

Candice Glover: To me, Angie and Candice gave the best performances Tuesday night. She got the pimp spot, which (this early in the competition) all but guarantees her a spot next week.


Janelle Arthur: Because the female contestants are so strong this year, there’s always the chance one of the top singers will get cut. I personally think she’s a generic country singer, but if she’s eliminated (and if that happens, I could see Tenna Torres taking the spot instead), expect the judges to choose her as a Wild Card.

Tenna Torres: Her rendition of “Lost” wasn’t perfect, but there were moments where she really connected with the song. To follow up on what I said above, since Janelle and Tenna performed in the middle of the show, Tenna may be voted in over Janelle.

Amber Holcomb: Because we’re only in the first week of the live shows, the contestants really need to come out and make us remember them. And pulling off a Whitney Houston song can certainly do that. If she advances, it will be because of “I Believe in You and Me.” With any other song (at this early stage), she probably wouldn’t make it.


Aubrey Cleland: She does have a nice voice, but I don’t know who she is as an artist. That, combined with the fact that she performed third, doesn’t bode well for her.

Adriana Latonio: Her problem was that she didn’t connect with the song. She performed second to last, which may be one of the few things going in her favor. And if that does tip her over the edge, then someone like Janelle may be in danger (but again, the unannounced Wild Card will make up for it).


Zoanette Johnson: I don’t think I need to explain why she’s definitely going home. It’s oh-so-obvious.

Breanna Steer: I quickly became bored of her performance; the song didn’t go anywhere. Going second doesn’t help, either.


Janelle Arthur, Angie Miller, Amber Holcomb, Kree Harrison, Candice Glover

The morning after the girls performed, Nigel Lythgoe tweeted, “I totally agree 100% with America’s vote.” Which means the results on this side won’t be too surprising.

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Now let’s turn to the guys. (Can we not and just forget they’re even on the show? No? Oh, well.)


Lazaro Arbos: I’m kind of over Lazaro already. The show is still pimping his story more than his voice. At this point, that should be reversed. But regardless, he’s obviously going to be in the Top 10.

Curtis Finch, Jr.: He’s been one of the strongest male singers this year. I’m kind of ticked off that he chose “I Believe I Can Fly,” a very karaoke song choice that needs to be banned from Idol. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good song. But after all these years, it annoys me now. His talent is better than the song, but it would be a travesty if he was eliminated.


Nick Boddington: Since making predictions for the guys is harder than for the girls, there are quite a few who are in the middle. Nick had one of the better performances of the night, but people may have forgotten him by the end of the show.

Paul Jolley: Along with Devin Velez, Paul to me had one of the top two performances among the guys. His voice really impressed me. But as with Nick, he’s on the fence and could go either way. If the judges pick any guys for the Wild Card, then hopefully he sticks around.

Devin Velez: I didn’t mind at all that he sang in both English and Spanish. (Now, if he continues to do it on a regular basis going forward, then it’ll become a crutch.) But for now, something like that will only help him with voters.

Vincent Powell: When the producers give someone the pimp spot, it usually means they’re one of the better singers. However, Vincent let us down a little bit this week. But what’s going in his favor is not only going last, but also that unbelievable falsetto along with his stronger performances in previous rounds.


Burnell Taylor: I’m confused: for some reason, the judges loved Burnell. He wasn’t a blip on my radar at all — very forgettable. My initial reaction is that he’s going home, but the judges comments may save him. You never know.


Elijah Liu: His performance of “Stay” absolutely bored me. I won’t deny that he’s got a nice voice, but he didn’t do anything to help his chances, especially since he opened the night.

Cortez Shaw: I love “Locked Out of Heaven,” and he didn’t do too bad with it, but the judges piled on him hard.

Charlie Askew: The only way Charlie will be in the Top 10 is if he receives the sympathy vote from viewers. On a related note, if you listen to the comments he made after the judges criticized him, it sounds like he needs some professional help. And being on Idol won’t make it any better.


Nick Boddington, Lazaro Arbos, Curtis Finch, Jr., Devin Velez, Vincent Powell

If Nick or Vincent (or anyone else, for that matter) don’t make it, then I hope Paul Jolley takes their place.

Who do you think received the most votes and which 10 semifinalists will be eliminated? Share your predictions in the comments below.

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