Revolution season 1 returns on Monday March 25 with what is sure to be another exciting episode of the hit series. BuddyTV spoke exclusively with creator Eric Kripke at Paleyfest 2013 about where the season picks up and what fans can expect the rest of the season. 

Check out our exclusive interview below. 

In the video, Kripke spoke to us about what will be happening in the final episodes of the season, teasing a lot of fun and interesting developments. Here are a few things we learned in the interview:

  • The bad guys send helicopters after our heroes and they start the second half of the season running for their lives. 
  • The second half of the season becomes a really fascinating war movie. 
  • Our heroes will meet up and have to work with a new band of rebels who are fighting against Monroe. 
  • The action will also coincide with the real emotion backstory of the family that has been reunited. 
  • Three helicopter battles in episode 11 alone. 
  • Kripke promises that the second half of the season is better than the first. 
  • Every episode will have really great moments that will drive the mythology of the series forward. 
  • Every character will go through major turns. 

Now that you’ve heard more about Revolution from the creator himself, are you more excited than ever for the show to return? What part of the story are you looking forward to seeing the most? What do you think of some people getting power on the show?

Revolution returns Monday, March 25 on NBC at 10/9C. 

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Michelle Carlbert

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV