Adrianne Curry, winner of season one of America’s Next Top Model, says that she’s always getting asked why she’s not shown in the opening credits of the show, or “featured on the walls of the house the girls live in.”

Adrianne Curry

Curry says it’s because of her interviews a few years ago following her appearance on America’s Next Top Model. Curry told various interviewers, including Steppin Out Magazine, that she wasn’t given the Revlon modeling contract that she was supposed to get as winner, and that “Tyra really didn’t help us out and the show didn’t put any money into us.” She even went as far as saying that “Basically, it was our show that saved the network and it was the biggest show ever…We trusted Tyra, but we’ve all been screwed over.”

Now, she says in her MySpace blog, “It seems very petty and immature for Tyra & Co. to try to act like the first winner of their show never existed. All I did was raise my voice when I didn’t get what I was promised. Were they THAT surprised that I would be outspoken about it? COME ON!”

Is she still holding a grudge? No, she says. “I am not mad at Tyra or Top Model for not putting me on [the opening credits.] It’s her show, and she can make any choice she wants.”

Curry says that since her statements to Steppin Out, she’s “extended the olive branch to [Tyra and America’s Next Top Model], told them I was sorry about anything hurtful I said,” but that she’s not sorry that she told the truth about what happened.

However, she’s grateful for the experience of being on America’s Next Top Model.

“I am mature enough to realize that I wouldn’t have been able to work to get where I am today if I hadn’t landed that show. I give them credit where they deserve it all the time. I am grateful for what I did get out of the show.”

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