That’s right folks. Justin Guarini from American Idol season one and the critically un-acclaimed From Justin to Kelly really wants to contribute to the New Moon soundtrack. He’s released the special song written just for New Moon onto YouTube and he’s hoping it’ll strike a note with Twilight fans across the country.

Shaye Smith, Tammy Hyler and Guarini himself penned the song, entitled “I Can’t Live.” The main chorus sings out “I can’t live if I can’t touch you with my fingertips.” He obviously had Bella and Edward in mind when writing the lyrics. “I Can’t Live” could be seen from either Bella (Kristen Stewart) or Edward’s (Robert Pattinson) point of view, depending on how well New Moon depicts Edward’s plight. But is the song New Moon worthy?

Director Chris Weitz knows what a good soundtrack can do for a movie. I, personally, own the American Pie and American Wedding soundtracks (he missed the boat on the American Pie 2 soundtrack if you ask me). With the past (and current) success of the Twilight soundtrack, one wrong move can lose millions of dollars.

So is Justin Guarini worth it? He makes no mention of being a Twilight fan, but I’m guessing he’s actually read the books, which is a step in the right direction. Update: “Justin is a huge Twilight fan and has indeed read all the books.”

Check out the song below:

Stephenie Meyer actually released her dream soundtrack. If she had her pick, the soundtrack would look like this:

   1. “Do You Realize?” by the Flaming Lips
   2. “Paper Cut” by Linkin Park
   3. “Hyper Music” – Muse
   4. “Apocalypse Please” – Muse
   5. “Time Stands Still” – The All-American Rejects
   6. “Empty Room” – Marjorie Fair
   7. “Unwell” – Matchbox Twenty
   8. “Pain” – Jimmy Eat World
   9. “Ride” – The Vines
  10. “Fix You” – Coldplay
  11. “Blueside” – Rooney
  12. “Over My Head (Cable Car)” – The Fray
  13. “Going Under” – Evanescence
  14. “Tautou” – Brand New
  15. “Be My Escape” – Relient K
  16. “Never Let You Down” – Verve Pipe
  17. “Sing For Absolution” – Muse
  18. “Ya Mamma” – Fatboy Slim
  19. “D.O.A.” – Foo Fighters
  20. “Stare” – Marjorie Fair
  21. “Memory” – Sugarcult
  22. “The Truth About Heaven” – Armor For Sleep
  23. “The Scientist” – Coldplay
  24. “Sound of Pulling Heaven Down” – Blue October

Stephenie’s soundtrack, although awesome, isn’t current enough for a solid New Moon soundtrack. The Twilight soundtrack was hipster, indie and awesome. New Moon has a lot to live up to.

Many hope that Robert Pattinson will do another song for the New Moon soundtrack, but as of right now, he hasn’t recorded anything. Kristen Stewart can also sing and play the guitar, so I’m thinking duet: Juno style.

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Anyways, what do you guys think of Justin Guarini’s song?

– Kim Wetter, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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