Two episodes before the House season finale, you can’t really blame fans if they’re a little anxious.  Kutner’s (Kal Penn) suicide is still fresh in their minds, and if the House showrunners had something as shocking as that in a non-finale episode, it’s scary what they might come up with in the real May 11 season finale.

According to some sources, House fans should expect more of Cameron and Chase in the final few episodes of the season, while House (Hugh Laurie) will react to Kutner’s death in unexpected ways.

More spoilers under the cut.

According to Blog Critics Magazine, tonight’s episode “House Divided” will serve as a continuation of how Princeton Plainsboro is dealing with the suicide, particularly House who started suffering from what appeared to be insomnia.  As the series builds up to its May 11 conclusion, House’s condition starts to play tricks on his mind. On May 4’s “Under My Skin,” House is still unable to sleep and by now he’s trying desperate measures to get some shut-eye.

Entertainment Weekly takes it to the next level, meanwhile, and posits that our beloved doctor might be going to the loony bin, citing Izzie-like hallucinations of Wilson’s dead ex Amber and the May 4 episode promo stipulating House doing the “unthinkable” to make such visions stop.

The more startling piece of evidence, however, is the show’s crew spotted filming at the massive old Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital, which the Fox series is turning into the fictional Mayfield Psychiatric Hospital come season 6.  The Fox crew was reportedly on site to shoot background scenes for the upcoming season.
Be the judge.  As for tonight’s episode, the team encounters the case of a deaf 14-year-old boy Seth (Ryan Lane), who collapses in the middle of a wrestling match after ‘hearing’ explosions.  When Seth’s mom (Claire Carey) decides to do without cochlear implants, the team faces an ethical dilemma.

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Source:, Blog Critics, Entertainment Weekly
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