To be honest, talk of Adam Lambert’s sexuality is getting tiring.  American Idol‘s off-air for two weeks already, and within that time, we’ve seen Adam tease about it, Kara say he’s been out all this time, and all that debate on whether that question mark over his head has relegated him to second place in a competition that Kris Allen ultimately won.  But, perhaps just to keep the fire burning, well, there’s that talk, and there’s that talk.

So, perhaps, Adam’s trying to shut everyone’s mouths by, uhh, finally saying it?
It all started, as we all know, with those photos, that show him kissing another man.  It didn’t affect his run on the show, although that question mark has been looming over his head for the longest time, as he continued to spin songs around with his vocals.  And then came the almost-win, the questions about whether all that speculation has turned voters away from him–I remember seeing this blog entry from a devout conservative who’s saying Adam’s defeat is a victory for their cause–and, suddenly, what’s supposedly a non-issue has become an issue bigger than I thought it would be.

Now there’s rumor that Adam will be, finally, addressing those issues in an upcoming issue of Rolling Stone.  A source told The New York Post that the singer will, finally, be coming out in an interview with the magazine.  “He didn’t want it to be an issue during the contest, but he’s fine with his sexuality,” the source said–a stark difference from, say, a previous interview where Adam only asked everyone to “keep speculating” regarding his sexuality.

Representatives for the magazine refused to comment.  “We don’t comment on future covers,” one said.  Same goes for Adam’s representatives.

Then again, there are these photos of Adam with interior designer Drake LaBry, partying Monday night in Los Angeles.  Spotters told US Weekly the two hit a major nightspot in Los Angeles holding hands, and were very close.  “They were dancing very closely together, very flirtatious inside,” one said.  “It was cute to see two couples–one gay and one straight–acting the same and nobody caring!” another said, referring to the fact that actor Ryan Phillippe and girlfriend Abbie Cornish were spotted smooching in the same bar the same night.

And the question is, why again did this have to be an issue?  Yeah, I know, I wrote one of those articles before, but at this moment I think I can ask that question now.

-Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Sources: The New York Post, US Weekly
(Image courtesy of US Weekly)

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