Not only have learned the real identities of each of the clowns on American Horror Story: Cult, but we’re also getting to know more about what they want. In this episode, titled “Holes,” a weak link means Kai has to gather the cult members to prove their loyalty, while Ally learns that Ivy isn’t everything she seems. Will she be able to stop the cult and get her son back?

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There’s a New Member to the Cult

Beverly’s boss, Bob, is on to her. He’s fed-up with the fake news and threatens to fire her. Her threats to share everything about his relationship with Serena do little to stop him from kicking her out of the office. The look in Beverly’s eyes makes it clear that this isn’t over.

To make matters worse for Kai, the people of the city don’t have a clue about the council elections. They need to do something bigger and scarier. It’s time to add satanic rituals to the next murder — and just who does it happen to be? Bob, of course.

But before that can take place, someone joins the group of people in Kai’s basement, a group that unsurprisingly includes the detective. The new person just happens to be Ivy, which American Horror Story: Cult fans have wondered from the beginning.

Ally Worries about Losing Her Son

Ally is back at Dr. Vincent’s. It’s time to learn the aftermath of that night with Winter. Ivy has taken Oz away and convinced a judge to only allow supervised visits with Ally. That’s not really too surprising, considering the way Ally has been acting recently. But it turns out that Ivy has been planning for this. She’s managed to shut down the bank accounts and left Ally’s money trapped in the restaurant.

Some of this links back to the election and the fact that Ally didn’t vote for Hilary Clinton. Ivy hates those who have made America what it is now.

Bob’s Murder is Aired

While Ally tries to figure out how to move on and get her son back, Ivy and Winter are on their way to kill Bob. We finally see who is behind each of the clown masks, and some of them are quite surprising. Filming the death, Beverly has the “e-mailed” footage to show people on the news. It’s time to spread the fear.

Ivy throws up during the kill, making Kai believe she’s weak. However, Beverly makes it clear that someone else in the group is the weakest link. Her camera man is the one that asks too many questions and doesn’t want to go as far as they need to create the fear. He’s the one that they need to get rid of next in season 7.

Kai decides to break the world record for the number of nails in the head before a death, which just so happens to be 13. Ivy is to go first, since she ran away before Bob’s murder. She clearly doesn’t want to kill someone, especially one of her own, but has no choice if she wants to live. After everyone fires a nail, he decides not to bother with the world record. They’ve proven their loyalty.

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Meadow’s Whereabouts are Revealed

While Kai and Beverly talk, Ally sees Harrison moving something heavy into his home. While looking through Oz’s telescope, she sees Harrison and the detective together. This is her chance to find out just what Harrison has been moving. In his backyard, she finds a grave with Meadow at the bottom. Is all this a con to traumatize Ally more or is the cult removing Meadow since she’s a weak link?

It looks like she could just be a weak link. When Ally returns to the house to call 911 (and then Ivy when she can’t get through), Meadow rushes to the house begging for help. There’s no point in calling the police because there are too many in on the cult. Meadow breaks the news that Ivy is part of it too. Who exactly can Ally trust?

Kai Reveals His Own Personal Truths

The biggest twist of the night is Beverly turning the pinky game around on Kai. She wants to know about his parents and whether Kai killed them. We finally get answers to the locked door in the house. Kai’s mom killed his abusive, disabled father and then killed herself. The only person Kai could call was his older brother, Dr. Vincent, who decided that they needed to cover it all up.

Together, the brothers placed their parents in their bedroom and turned it into a locked mausoleum. Winter learned the truth when she returned from college. Now the only other person to know is Beverly, but surely that truth has to come out to others eventually.

Does Dr. Vincent know about the cult? Did you expect the reveal at the end? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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