Once Upon a Time’s season 7 renewal came with a big shock. Most of the cast had left the show. When I heard that Emma Swan, Snow White, and Prince Charming would not be a part of season 7, I was skeptical. The three characters played a central part in every major plot line in the show. I was even more hesitant about Captain Hook’s return. The season 6 finale gave everyone their happy endings. Emma and Hook were supposed to get married and live out their happy ending. So why do we have Hook but no Emma?

The Once Upon a Time season 7 premiere, “Hyperion Heights,” handled the new casting well. Much like Storybrooke, the Seattle neighborhood is under a curse and all of the fairy tale characters have lost their memories. Henry no longer remembers that he is the grandson of Snow White. Regina believes that she is a bar owner named Roni, and Hook is a cop. Lucy, Henry’s forgotten daughter, claims that all of the fairy tale characters are leaving and losing one another. This plot twist allowed the writers to explain Hook’s separation from Emma.

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Once Upon a Time truly returned to its roots. The season 7 premiere was strikingly similar to the season 1 premiere. A fairytale flashback, a long-lost child showing up, and an evil stepmother. While I was unsure about this season at first, the premiere drew me in. I found that I was interested in a Cinderella who was out for revenge, and an evil stepmother who was gentrifying a neighborhood. Once Upon a Time has always been captivatingly charming with its fairy tales and its love of hope. As the show progressed into its seasons, the plots got a little more complex and the show moved away from simply telling fairy tales. Season 7 seems to be returning to its original format with a new cast and new versions of those fairy tales. I look forward to seeing how Henry deals with being under a curse and whether or not he finds his family.

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What did you think of the season premiere? Did you like the familiarity of it, or were you looking for something completely new? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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