This episode of American Horror Story: Coven gives us exactly what we look forward to on Wednesday nights manipulation, spirits, and plenty of blood. Just when I thought I’ve seen it all, this episode still had some cringe-worthy moments along with a few twists I just didn’t see coming!

Bloody Inspiration

We’re taken back to New Orleans 1830 when LaLaurie is moving into the house. While talking with her daughter, it’s clear she’s not happy about the move, needing some type of inspiration. That inspiration comes in the form of a chicken, whose head she cuts off for dinner. With its blood running through her fingers, she’s fascinated and leads to her first torture victim. He’s a hurt slave she finds in the attic, his leg bleeding badly. She had all the intentions of helping him but when her fingers touch his blood, LaLaurie is hooked. Knocking him unconscious and tying him up in Spalding’s old room, she goes to town, sitting back and admiring her bloody handy work when she’s done.

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Back from the Dead at a Funeral

At this point, it shouldn’t surprise us that people who we thought were dead really aren’t. But you still couldn’t help but gasp when Queenie showed up to Nan’s funeral, with LaLaurie in tow. Later on we learn that Queenie spit out the bullet she shot herself in the head with as well as managed to put the Madame back together. Did she get some new powers since shacking up at Laveau’s?

LaLaurie Gets Her Groove Back

Before we can even catch our breath at the fact that she’s alive (and put back together), she is back to being a maid. She’s scrubbing toilets with a smile and cooking her best meals. In the background, she shares anecdotes about her young life – how she kept to herself as a child, wasn’t regarded as anything special, and how marrying well propelled her into celebrity status. All the while, she was missing something – that same something she’s still craving. She can’t quite put her finger on it until an African American gardener comes into the house with a hurt hand. One look at the blood and she has found her inspiration. Up in the very room where the tongue-less butler played dolls with corpses, she’s back to her hobby of brutality and torture. 

A Crazy Kind of Love

Sprinkled in between all the blood, torture, and wicked magic, love is in the air. Kyle confirms what we knew since he was put back together – he and Zoe are in love despite being shared with Madison. Of course Madison is not happy and vows to literally rip him apart when she becomes the next Supreme. Zoe won’t let Madison stop her nor her commitment to the coven. In order to keep them and their love safe, she takes Myrtle’s advice (and bus tickets) and they run off like two crazy kids to none other than Orlando, FL.

Fiona and her axe man lover make another twisted love affair. While getting ready for her showdown with Hank’s daddy, he talks about wanting to live a normal life with her on his dad’s farm. He’s willing to give up his axe and spend the rest of his days with her. It would all be super romantic if he wasn’t a serial killer spirit and she wasn’t a Supreme Witch but hey, love is love, right?

Cordelia ‘Opens’ Her Eyes

Since the season started, Cordelia has been the meekest witch of the bunch. From whining about not having a baby to losing her sight, she was always the victim, even as her coven faces extinction. It would take Queenie to give her a stern talking to for her to realize that she has to open her eyes and take action. Normally that would mean seeing people for whom and what they are but in this instance it meant not seeing – out of her eyes anyway. With a little anesthetic and cutting shears she takes out the eyes that Myrtle gave her so she can regain her powers of second sight.   

Sign on the Bloodied Line

The time has come for the showdown between Fiona, Marie, and the witch hunting organization. The corporation’s terms are simple – get the feds off their backs and they’ll agree to a 100 year truce. The witches want the businesses disbanded, make a vow to never harm another witch, and throw in a house and jet for good measure. We know that wasn’t going to happen so Fiona offers a second and more fitting alternative – death. Her axe man was posing as a waiter the whole time, hacking everyone to pieces. 

Marie Laveau Meets Her End?

As LaLaurie comes down from her torturing high, she is visited by the spirit of Spalding, who we haven’t seen since he met his death at Zoe’s hands. He becomes an instant friend, understanding LaLaurie’s plight and realizing that they both need Marie Laveau out of the way, permanently. The only problem is, she’s immortal, but the butler has a way to get around that. In exchange for a super rare doll, he gives LaLaurie a bit of magic – in the form of Benadryl (at first I didn’t know how this was going to work!). 

The mistress-turned-maid takes advantage of Laveau’s celebratory drink with Fiona to drug her and stab her in the heart when she’s good and loopy. The knife of course doesn’t do her in but the antihistamines she’s allergic to does and she passes out during her trip down the stairs. The butler appears and suggests she bury her. While LaLaurie tends to her nemesis, he tends to Marie’s baby, aka his first live baby doll.

American Horror Story: Coven airs at Wednesday 10PM on FX.

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