Welcome back, Supernatural fans, to the first new episode of 2014. And it’s a big one as Dean, Cas and Crowley team up to find Sam (or rather, the angel possessing Sam) and cast the angel out. Along the way there are plenty of problems from Metatron and Abaddon, but we also meet Cecily, my new favorite character who died about five minutes after she was introduced.

Oh, and it turns out Crowley, the King of Hell, is the most honest and trustworthy character on the entire show. I’m pretty sure the Supernatural writers are laughing about how incredibly cool and noble they’ve made the King of Hell.

Road Trip with Crowley

As the episode opens, Dean burns Kevin’s body and throws a major hissyfit in the Men of Letters HQ. Cas finally arrives (back in a trenchcoat) to learn about what happened and suggests finding a way to hack the angel code in Gadreel so they can talk to Sam and get him to expel the angel. But to do this, they’ll need some help.

Enter Crowley, the King of Hell, who offers his services in exchange for a little road trip. Since Dean will do anything to save his brother, he agrees. They head to an NSA facility where Crowley has one of his demon spies to monitor the world’s communications.

His contact is Cecily, who instantly becomes my new favorite character when she goes on and on about how much hotter Cas is now that he’s an angel again. She even calls him “Captain Sexy.” She helps track the Impala that Gad took and also lets Crowley know she’s playing both sides because she isn’t sure if Crowley or Abaddon will win.

Crowley respects Cecily’s decision, but Abaddon doesn’t. She finds Cecily after getting word about Crowley being out and proceeds to kill her. Why do I even bother liking new characters if they’re just going to die a few minutes later?

Gadreel the Assassin

Gadreel (the angel in charge of Sam’s body) is still killing for Metatron. He starts with Thaddeus, one of the guards from Heaven’s Prison, who decided to possess the body of some Bieber-esque d-bag pop star. Gad seems to be getting sick and tired of all the killing, but Metatron is in control. And it turns out Metatron (who is hanging out at a bar where the bartender is Gadreel’s original vessel) flipped a switch in Heaven so that the line of prophets ends with Kevin, so no new one will rise.

The next name on Gad’s list leads him to his BFF from Heaven, Abner. Abner has made a nice life for himself with a family. He extols the virtues of leaving behind all the angel drama and just finding happiness on Earth. Sadly, Gad kills him anyway.

After he does, Dean, Cas and Crowley show up. Dean is no match for an angel, as usual, but one punch from Cas knocks Gad out cold.

The Battle in Sam’s Mind

Gad is tied up and it’s time for Crowley to go to work. He starts shoving pins into Gad’s brain to try and get to Sam, but it doesn’t work. Crowley is furious once he learns who Gad is (the angel who let Lucifer into the Garden), but that’s nothing compared to Crowley’s big idea.

His plan is to possess Sam himself, find him and help bring him back. Dean agrees, urging Cas to remove Sam’s tattoo, and just like that, Dean has now agreed to let both an angel and a demon inside his brother. Before going in, Dean offers the codeword “Poughkeepsie,” which is the secret Winchester sign.

Crowley possesses Sam and finds him in a dream, researching a case about ghouls and cheerleaders. Sam is freaked out, even moreso when Crowley explains what he’s doing there. He proves himself by saying “Poughkeepsie” and shooting Sam, because it’s a dream and nothing happens. Gad shows up in the dream and there’s an epic battle inside Sam’s brain between Sam, Crowley and Gad. Sam emerges as the winner and casts out Gad. The angel goes back to his old body (in the bar with Metatron) and Crowley voluntarily leaves, though his deal means he’s now free.

Vote Crowley

Abaddon tracks them down, but Crowley tells the boys to leave. Then we get a set-up for the best election storyline ever, because while Abaddon wants to fight to rule Hell, Crowley knows that it’s just a campaign and he’s going to win over the hearts and minds of the demons. I just imagine a King of Hell debate, moderated by Cas, and it makes me laugh, almost as much as when Crowley calls Abaddon “the world’s angriest ginger.”

Sam vs. Dean, Part 399

Now that Sam is free of any and all possession, it’s going to take a long time for Cas to heal him. Sam is understandably pissed at Dean for lying to him and not letting him die like he wanted to. Dean is sorry, and now he sees that everyone around him suffers, so he needs to go off on his own to kill Gad. So once again, Sam and Dean break up, this time because Dean thinks he’s bad for his brother’s health. Sam starts to suggest that this isn’t the real reason, but then he just agrees and Dean drives off alone.

Next week on Supernatural: Crowley and Dean team up to kill Abaddon in some weird buddy movie.

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