Before the winter hiatus, Supernatural dropped several huge bombs. Sam wasn’t being healed by Ezekiel, but secretly by the Angel Gadreel who killed Kevin. And, Castiel left his human life behind when he stole the Angel aura of another. 

I jumped on the phone with Executive Producer Jeremy Carver to get a few teases about what’s coming up for the Winchester brothers, Castiel, and Crowley.  

With Kevin’s death, will another prophet be selected from the prospective prophet group?

Well without going into too much detail we deal with that. The state of the universe does not hinge on that question.

What is Dean’s mental state given Kevin’s death and what happened to Sam?

I think we can rest assured that Dean is not in the greatest shape right now. He has a combination of sorrow and sadness about Kevin. He’s feeling like kicking himself. And, I think this mixture of sorrow and self-flagellation is going to make him more determined than ever to correct his wrongs. That determination is going to lead him to make certain alliances that maybe he wouldn’t have made if his head was screwed on a little bit straighter.

Crowley has softened a little bit this season. Does he have it within him to continue to soften and evolve in that direction as the King of Hell?

I think Crowley’s central conflict with himself this year is that he’s in the fight of his life for his throne while at the same time he’s become somewhat addicted to human blood and the human emotions that it makes him feel. 

So you’ve got these things in direct contrast — these are polar opposites. How do you successfully defend your throne as the King of Hell while at the same time seeking hits of humanity. Those two conflicts that Crowley finds himself in and it doesn’t get better for him any time soon. It’s a journey that he will continue on for the rest of the season. 

Now that Gadreel as taken over Sam’s body, will we find out what his game plan is or is that something that will take a while to play out?

The character of Gadreel, you’re exactly right, it’s something that we will be peeling back as the time comes. I think what we and the boys will find is that there’s more than one answer there in discerning what Gadreel’s motives are and who he really is and what he’s all about. He’s a very interesting character.

It seems like most of the characters right now are in a quandary of trying to find out who they are and how far they are willing to go.

At the beginning of the season one of the themes we set out was that most of major characters were going to be who they are and what kind of being they were going to be. That’s been a central premise of the season into all of our major characters.

Cas stole his Angel power, will that grate on him at all?

In terms of Castiel, his immediate concern is now that he’s an angel and he’s picked up the sword again as it were he’s going to find himself in the fray more than ever and in ways that he didn’t quite expect. He’s going to have several big decisions to make in terms of how far he wants to take this idea of correcting the falling angels that he played a major part in.

The Angel war had a slow burn the first part of the season. Now that we have Gadreel in Sam and Castiel has his angel back, is that going to be a larger part of the story coming up?

I think you’ll see elements of the angel war coming to the floor absolutely. It only grows in intensity as the season progresses. We came into the year with something of a landscape so part of the fun this year is watching how things sort of colloest and build to a conclusion of sorts. We’re exciting about pulling all of these strings together.

What returning guest stars can we look forward to seeing this season?

We’re going to get an answer and see what has happened to Garth. When we saw him last year he was supposed to be protecting Kevin and he sort of dropped off the face of the earth and we’ll find out why. Also the Ghostfacers will be back. 

With the actors signed for season 10, are you writing this season building towards another year?

The short answer to that is yes. If you are asking are we writing towards the ending of the show? We are absolutely not doing that in season 9.


Supernatural airs on Tuesdays at 9 pm ET on the CW.

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