Created by Niki Lopes, Leslie Valdes, and Valerie Walsh Valdes, “Santiago of the Seas” is a children’s television series featuring cartoon pirate kids who travel the world and enjoy adventures. Debuting on Nickelodeon in October of 2020, the show has gone on to enjoy swift popularity with young audiences for its fun-loving characters and positive message. 

The cartoon series has also been heralded for its inclusive take on Spanish language vocabulary and Latino-Caribbean culture. “Santiago of the Seas” also features the vocal talents of seasoned television and film stars such as John Leguizamo, Kevin Chacon, Valentino Cortes, Alfred Molina, Alyssa Cheatham, and Justice Quiroz — helping secure the premiere of its second season on Nick Jr. in January of 2022. 

Whether you are an established fan or brand-new to the oceans of entertainment to be found in “Santiago of the Seas,” this article will discuss interesting details about the show’s main characters that any viewer can find informative.

Who Are the Main Characters of “Santiago of the Seas?”

“Santiago of the Seas” takes place mainly in a setting called Isla Encanto, with a host of hilarious and fascinating main characters that set sail on the high seas each episode to hunt things like pirate treasure, the magic spyglass, and magic rubies. The following list provides specific information about these key characters and the actors that voice them.

Santiago “Santi” Montes:

Santiago “Santi” Montes

Always up for magical quests on his ship called El Bravo and using his “moral compass” to keep himself and his crew on the straight and narrow, Santi Montes is the pirate protector that leads the pack on “Santiago of the Seas.” The eight-year-old main character of “Santiago of the Seas” was played in the first season by Kevin Chacon, a Connecticut native and decorated student of the storied Rybin School of Drama. Chacon has also performed in a bilingual adaptation of “The Little Prince,” made appearances on “Double Dare” and “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” and would go on to win the Hispanic Organization of Latin Actors (HOLA) Award for Emerging Artist of the Year in 2018. As of the start of season two, the role of Santi has been voiced by Valentino Cortes.



Playing an enchanted guitar and serving as Santi’s constant companion on every high seas treasure hunt, Tomás is also Santi’s cousin. Providing much of the show’s consistent humor with his funny one-liners, Tomás is portrayed by Justice Quiroz. Viewers may be familiar with Quiroz’s additional work in “Exposed” with Keanu Reeves and also “Paw Patrol: Mission Xmas.”



Voiced by the multitalented Alyssa Cheatham, Lorelai is a singing mermaid who can transform into a pirate girl, and she is also Santi’s and Tomás’ best friend. Lorelai’s limitless knowledge of the ocean and ability to speak to sea animals proves useful to her friends. Viewers may have encountered Cheatham before in her recurring role on “The Flight Attendant” alongside Kaley Cuoco and Rosie Perez on HBO Max.



As a little yellow frog and the loyal pet sidekick of Santiago, Kiko is unforgettable for his funny facial expressions. His long, sticky tongue can pull heavy objects, once even rescuing Tomás from falling. Kiko is voiced by Dave Droxler, whom fans may recognize from his work on “Limitless,” “How To Get Away With Murder,” and “Apparition.”

Who Are the Villains of “Santiago of the Seas?”

Santiago of the Seas Villians

Escarlata La Pirata (back), Enrique Real de Palacios III (front), Bonnie “Bunny” Bones, Sir Butterscotch

Of course, a world of pirate play would not be complete without a few pirate problems, and those are provided in “Santiago of the Seas” by a few evil-minded villains. The following list provides details on the “bad guys” of the high seas on “Santiago of the Seas.” 

Bonnie “Bunny” Bones:

With her algae-green hair and bossy attitude, Bonnie is the leader of the villains on “Santiago of the Seas” and an archnemesis to Santi. Forever trying to steal the treasures of the seas and cause havoc, Bonnie’s famously yellow eyes are always looking for ways to generate trouble for Santi. Bonnie is voiced by Kyndra Sanchez, who has also worked on “Blue Bloods” and “Sesame Street.”

Sir Butterscotch:

As the maniacal pet crow of Bonnie Bones, Sir Butterscotch is more comedian than a villain in most episodes. He serves as the foil to Kiko and once even swaps places with him during a scuffle on the high seas. Legendary Colombian actor John Leguizamo contributed the voice for Sir Butterscotch in season one. Fans will know Leguizamo from his impressive body of work including Baz Luhrman’s “Romeo + Juliet” and “Moulin Rouge!,” “Carlito’s Way,” and the groundbreaking “To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar.” Since the start of season two, the voice role of Sir Butterscotch has been taken over by the equally talented Eric Lopes.



Known for his entrancing music and magic, Pepito is an evil faun, half-boy, and half-goat. Pepito is a shape-shifter who can take on the appearance of anyone he wishes, and he possesses a magical music box that can rob characters and things of their voices or sounds. Pepito is voiced by Robin de Jesus, a Tony Award-nominated actor of Puerto Rican descent who is best known for his work in “In The Heights” and “The Boys in the Band.”

Enrique Real de Palacios III:

With his brilliant engineering mind and penchant for mad inventions, Enrique is a formidable archenemy to Tomas’ little sister, Prima Tina. This greedy pirate is voiced by the ambitious young actor, Hunter Jones, who has appeared in ads for Toys R Us, Apple, Cheerios, Joe Fresh, The Children’s Place, and J. Crew. Hunter Jones became a member of SAG-AFTRA at age five and was likewise featured in the Kids Rock Fashion Show in Grand Central Station in 2013.

Escarlata La Pirata:

Voiced by Myrna Velasco, Escarlata is a half-jellyfish and half-sea witch. She is always trying to steal treasure before Santi’s crew can get to them. Carrying an ice wand and a magical spell shell, she only uses her powers for evil and is considered Lorelai’s biggest rival.

Where Can You Watch “Santiago of the Seas?”

Fans of “Santiago of the Seas” can get their pirate fix on a number of different platforms. Streaming directly from parent station Nickelodeon is always available and offers the option of selecting individual episodes rather than committing to a whole season. 

“Santiago of the Seas” can also be found on-demand from Amazon Prime Video, FuboTV, Philo, Sling, Microsoft Movies & TV, Nick Jr., and Apple TV. Parents wishing for their young viewers to engage with “Santiago of the Seas” in a more immersive manner can access the series through Noggin. The platform provides additional interactive activities and foundational learning materials to accompany each episode of the show.

What Themes Are Discussed in “Santiago of the Seas?”

Much like many of its contemporary competitors in the realm of CGI-animated programs for children, “Santiago of the Seas” strives to be both educational and entertaining. As with other popular kids’ shows like “Blaze and the Monster Machines” and “Peppa Pig,” each episode of “Santiago of the Seas” provides an underlying thematic lesson for its young viewers. 

Each episode of “Santiago of the Seas” is split into a first and second part, each with connected moral lessons for kids to think about during and after the show. Many episodes, such as “The Legend of Capitan Calavera” and “The Stone of Life,” contain running themes about the value of working together. In the list below, find examples of popular episodes and their correspondent themes.

  • The Night of the Turtles: Santi and his friends rescue hatchling turtles from the greedy grips of Bonnie Bones, learning valuable lessons about compassion for animals and teamwork in the process.
  • The Finceañera: When Lorelai feels conflicted about being invited to her older sister’s birthday bash in her homeland of Merlandia, Santi and the gang come to appreciate the importance of honoring family.
  • A Tale of Two-más: On a busy day for shipbuilding when everyone should be pitching in to help, Tomás prefers to sit and play music. When Pepito, a magical faun, offers to do Tomás’ work for him, important themes about telling the truth, not giving in to laziness, and the rewards of hard work are put forward.
  • The Treasure of El Bravo: When the heart of Santi’s trusty ship is stolen by Enrique, only Prima Tina can help save the day. Morals about friendship and bravery shine through as the pirate crew works together to restore order to the ship.
  • To the Lighthouse: When a ferocious storm extinguishes the light in the lighthouse, Santiago and his friends must brave dangerous elements to rescue Abuelo and Mami, showing viewers that being a hero does not mean being fearless.

What Age Is “Santiago of the Seas” Appropriate for?

“Santiago of the Seas” features an eight-year-old protagonist, a TV-Y rating, and plotlines that would likely best suit an audience close to that age. Each episode is 11 minutes long and the special episodes are 22 minutes long each, making this series ideally appropriate for preschool-age children with naturally shorter attention spans. With its Spanish language inclusion and general messaging, “Santiago of the Seas” can easily be enjoyed by children as young as six and as mature as 10 and over. 

Will There Be a Season 3 of “Santiago of the Seas?”

At present, there is no new information about the possibility of a third season for “Santiago of the Seas.” However, with the popularity of the tv series being what it is, fans can stay optimistic that Nickelodeon will be bringing the show back for a third round and look for updates during the Fall of 2022.

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