“Lucas the Spider” is a popular animated series that originally began on YouTube. The series is created by animator Joshua Slice. The show is uniquely named after and voiced by Joshua’s nephew as Lucas, the big jumping spider. Since its debut in 2017, the series of shorts has garnered a large following and has been picked up by Cartoon Network for a full series.

A short upload on the “Lucas the Spider” YouTube channel on July 29, 2021, announced upcoming episodes on the Cartoonito programming block on Cartoon Network. What initially started as a one-man-band is now a full TV series. While the YouTube episodes of “Lucas the Spider” are short, often clocking in between one to three minutes, the new series developed for Cartoon Network debuted with 20 full episodes in season one, allotted for a 30-minute programming time slot. Each full episode is about 20 minutes when watched without commercials.

The series follows the adventures of Lucas, a friendly jumping spider who lives in a human home. Along with his friends, Lucas explores the world around him and learns about different animals, insects, and other creatures. With its colorful cast of characters and delightful storylines, “Lucas the Spider” has become a favorite among kids and adults alike.

Lucas the jumping spider has lots of new friends. In this article, we will discuss the characters in the animated TV series “Lucas the Spider.” You’ll meet Findley the fly, Avocado the French Bulldog, and more! Keep reading for more information.

Who are the main characters of “Lucas the Spider”?

Lucas the Jumping Spider:

Lucas the Jumping Spider

Lucas is an adorable jumping spider with big eyes, a cute voice, and a lovable personality. According to www.LucastheSpider.com, he is “naturally inquisitive and loving in equal measure. His creativity is inspired by the immediate world around him. What we might see as mundane is intriguing to Lucas. And though he never quite knows what everything does, he won’t let that stop him from trying to figure it out, often with hilarious and surprising results.”

Did you know that jumping spiders can jump up to 50 times their own body length? Pretty cool!

Lucas the Spider was originally voiced by animator Joshua Slice’s nephew, Lucas Slice. However, the Cartoonito series features new voice talent. Cartoon Network’s Lucas the Spider is voiced by Simon Webster. Lucas has a fuzzy bum and wants to be your friend! Lonesome Lucas is lonesome no more!

His catchphrase is, “Boop!”

Findley the Housefly:

Findley the Housefly

Bzz, bzz. Findley is one of Lucas the jumping spider’s besties and he’s always eating.

Voiced by Christian Campbell, Findley is “high energy and impulsive. He is a twitchy little fellow with endless energy and a crazy survival reflex that makes him automatically take off like a shot whenever he is startled. Findley never wants to miss out on anything that happens to Lucas. Findley the fly is fiercely loyal and trusting — especially when you consider that flies are one of the top dishes on a spider’s menu! He just wants to be with his best friend Lucas who, unlike other spiders, wouldn’t hurt a fly!”

His catchphrase is, “Don’t eat me!”

Bodhi the Chameleon:

Bodhi the Chameleon

Voiced by Evie Loiselle, Bodhi is “one chill little reptile. While some other characters are interested in things on an intellectual level, Bodhi’s all about the experience and loves a good adrenaline rush. A risk-taker and you’ll find her trying to hang eight on a snowboard, lasso a mandarin orange from the fruit basket with her tongue, or compete to see who can hang by her tail the longest.”

Avocado the French Bulldog:

Avocado the French Bulldog

Avocado is a fan favorite. Who doesn’t love an adorable little dog? The character is voiced by Antonina Battrick.

“Though never willfully destructive, Avocado is a pocket dynamo who barrels into any given situation, often not considering her physicality or the feelings of others. Although she is ridiculously, comically small for a dog, fitting into bowls and even human shoes – in the world of Lucas and his friends, she is HUGE!”

Avocado adds a lot of energy and humor to the TV series!

Arlo the Owl:

Arlo the Owl

“Arlo is a three-year-old owlet. Though he may be the youngest character, he’s certainly the biggest and the fluffiest! Arlo is very naïve and trusting — you might even say gullible. He is prone to worrying if things aren’t just right… Arlo’s best friend Wimble (a little felt mouse toy) is also his comforter. Be it a marble, a piece of tinsel, or even a rubber band, Arlo always finds them fascinating and valuable.”

The character of Arlo (the baby of the bunch) is voiced by Ethan MacIver-Wright. While Arlo is one of Lucas the Spider’s new friends, he’s a welcome addition to the bunch!

Maizie the Bumblebee:

Maizie the Bumblebee

New friends are always fun!

According to the bio on the “Lucas the Spider” website, “Maizie is always in a rush – that’s because she’s dying to get her chores done (pollinating, collecting pollen, making honey, blah blah blah) so she can play with her friends! She HATES missing out and has serious FOMO. She will buzz by the group with a pollen collector yelling, ‘Whatcha doing?’ or ‘Don’t start without me!’ She’s like the super fun little kid in class who has to go to violin lessons before they’re allowed to play ball with their friends.”

Dimples the Goldfish:

Dimples the Goldfish

Dimples is a sweet, purple goldfish. (Avocado loves drinking Dimples’ water but shhh, don’t tell – it’s a secret!)

“Dimples has a very robust social life! She communicates with Lucas and her friends by shouting very loudly through the glass, and when they are out of earshot, she simply has conversations with herself. Dimples can dart through the water so quickly she can carry on both sides of a two-way conversation, swimming side to side and assuming a distinct point of view on each end of the bowl. And the two ‘sides’… don’t always agree.”

Weebiscuit the Seahorse:

Weebiscuit the Seahorse

Weebiscuit is a little yellow seahorse who “is wry, dry-witted, and doesn’t speak. He is a wise soul, trapped in a tank with Dimples – and he’s one Dimples conversation away from trying to escape. Weebiscuit’s main occupation is being in an area of a tank where Dimples isn’t… and when he sees Lucas, he mouths through the glass, ‘Help me…’ Unfortunately, Lucas the Spider is horrible at reading lips and always gets it wrong. It would seem poor Weebiscuit is destined to be stuck with Dimples for eternity.”

Where can you watch “Lucas the Spider”?

Check out YouTube every Friday for a new “Lucas the Spider” Short. YouTube also hosts numerous “Lucas the Spider” compilation videos including songs like “ABCs,” “Halloween,” and more. You can also find highlight Shorts like “Boingo,” “Don’t Eat Me,” “I’m Starving,” “Home Sweet Home,” “I Can’t See You,” “Ghost Camp,” “Jeepers Peepers,” and “Spinning Webs” on YouTube. Watch the popular “Scary Stories” series on YouTube year-round, even when it’s not Halloween!

New full-length “Lucas the Spider” series episodes are available on Cartoonito on Cartoon Network, FamilyJR in Canada, and streaming on HBOMax! Visit Cartoon Network online to watch a few full video episodes that are free and unlocked. The Cartoon Network website also includes 20 full episodes of season one available to subscribers. “Lucas the Spider” is also available for streaming on Spectrum TV, HBO Max, and Roku.

How many episodes of “Lucas the Spider” are there?

There is currently one season of “Lucas the Spider” on Cartoon Network’s Cartoonito. Season one premiered on September 18, 2021, and has 38 episodes.

Is “Lucas the Spider” good for kids?

“Lucas the Spider” is cute and visually appealing. It’s definitely created with kids in mind. But some parents worry that it might be too scary for younger kids – not because of the material but simply because it features a jumping spider. So, what’s the verdict? Is “Lucas the Spider” good for kids?

Many child development experts believe that shows like “Lucas the Spider” can actually be beneficial for young kids, even those who suffer from arachnophobia. Lucas is such a friendly, sweet, and inquisitive jumping spider. With his adorable voice acting, it’s hard not to love him. Add in his gang of adorable new friends and it’s a combo you can’t resist.

“Lucas the Spider” teaches valuable lessons about friendship as Lucas navigates the world and relationships with his best friends Findley, Avocado, and more. These types of shows can also teach children about empathy and compassion. After all, even though Lucas is a spider, he still has feelings, and kids can learn to see things from his perspective. Each of Lucas the Spider’s friends has a distinctive personality, unique point-of-view, and memorable catchphrase. You just might catch yourself joining your children by quoting Lucas (“Boop!”) or Findley (“Don’t eat me!”). If you’re looking for adorable “Lucas the Spider” merch, check out the Lucas the Spider Store on www.lucasthespider.com.

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