In the hot, messy world of dating, no one wants to be stuck with a guy who has too many casual lovers. It is quite a chore to figure out who is genuine about their intentions and who just wants a quick fling. The attempt at sorting out the tame from the wild is what the reality dating show, “FBoy Island,” is all about.

This too hot to handle reality show, currently prepping for its second season, is quite the hit with viewers. In this article, you’ll learn about the first season of “FBoy Island,” the interesting cast, and where to watch new episodes.

What’s “FBoy Island” About?

Filmed in the Cayman Islands, “FBoy Island” (aka Fuckboy Island) is a dating reality series centered on three women who are trying to distinguish — from a pool of 24 eligible men — the players from the serious relationship seekers. Of the 24 male contestants on the show, 12 are self-professed ‘good guys’ seeking a serious relationship. The other 12 are, well, fuckboys (also known as ‘FBoys’ on the show) who are only in the show to compete for the grand prize of $100,000 — given to the last contestant standing.

In the sequence of episodes, the three female contestants choose which men to go out with. At the end of each episode, three of the men are selected for elimination. Eliminated contestants are sent to “Limbro,” a place consisting of huts made from bamboo, cots, and hay-filled pillows.

Ultimately, if the women choose to be with an FBoy instead of a nice guy, he would then decide to split the $100,000 prize waiting for each couple at the end (nice guy traits) or leave with all of the money instead (fuckboy attitude).

Is “FBoy Island” Fake?

“FBoy Island” is as real as real could be. Some people wonder if the episodes’ outcomes, especially the season 1 finale, are deliberately scripted to add the dramatic flair. Well, the “Bachelorette” style show is “completely unscripted,” according to one of the stars of season one, Sarah Emig.

Variety has called the show the new dating reality series that is some unholy combination of “Bachelor in Paradise,” “Love Island” and “Too Hot to Handle.”

Speaking to E! News, Sarah said of the show: “Obviously, it’s a reality show. They’re going to make some things seem more dramatic than they actually are.”

The other female leads shared their behind-the-scenes experiences, elaborating on how they had to adapt their reactions and performances on the fly.  Elan Gale, one of the executive producers of “FBoy Island” — alongside Ben Bitonti, Sam Dean, Nikki Glaser, and Jason Goldberg — added, “We really wanted to follow what the people were feeling and what they were doing much more than creating a format.” This makes the TV series one of a few reality TV shows without an already determined storyline.

It doesn’t get more real than that, does it?

Is “FBoy Island” a Popular Show?

Ratings and reviews for the show haven’t exactly been stellar. Here’s a simple breakdown from sources.

  RottenTomatoes IMDb MetaCritic ParrotAnalytics
Audience Rating 3.1 5.0 n/a n/a
Critics Rating 5.0 n/a 67/100 n/a
Popularity n/a #3,329 n/a Average*

*FBoy Island is 1.2 times the demand of the average TV series in the United States in the last 30 days.

What Happened in Season 1 of “FBoy Island?”

Season one of “FBoy Island” was full of twists and turns, surprise eliminations, and even more surprising contestant appearances. Let’s review some of the most standout moments that took place in season one.

When Garrett Morosky picks money over Sarah.

Perhaps the most surprising moment in season one came in the season finale. After having maintained a steady relationship with Josh McDonald, Sarah Emig chose to try for a romantic relationship with bitcoin investor Garrett Morosky. Fans were shocked when Garrett decided to forsake a potential romance with Sarah to walk away with the $100,000 prize by himself.

“This has been a marathon,” Garrett said. “I can’t wait to get out of here with $100,000, no strings attached.” The feeling of betrayal was a gut-wrencher for many. But wait — it gets better.

When Garrett Morosky was denied his prize money.

An even more debatable moment came when the show’s producers seemingly changed their rules in the middle of the game. Viewers were left debating whether it was fair for FBoy Garrett, the winner, to be denied his winnings according to the rules.

Some viewers were left unamused when Nikki informed Garrett that his prize money would instead be going to a charity of Sarah’s choosing. She said: “Our hope was you would reform your FBoy ways, but you didn’t. You are leaving here the same person you came in as. I don’t really believe FBoys should be rewarded in the end at all.”

Fair or not? That’s a debate that won’t end anytime soon.

About the Cast of “FBoy Island” Season 1

Season one of “FBoy Island” featured three female leads trying to catch a player in their game and reward the bachelor nice guy’s for their honesty.

About Sarah Emig

Sarah Emig

With a degree in psychology and minors in fashion design and entrepreneurship, Chicago-born Sarah Emig worked in social media before featuring on the HBO hit series.

Sarah very sadly missed out on the grand prize of $100,000 when her chosen man, Garrett Morosky, opted for money over a relationship with her in the season one finale. Of the two women to choose an FBoy for their partner, only Sarah’s choice opted to leave her empty-handed. Although she was naturally upset by this, she maintains that she has “no regrets.”

About Celisa Franco

CJ Franco

Celisa “CJ” Franco perhaps has the biggest celeb profile of the leads on the show. With over half a million followers on Instagram, CJ Franco is an influencer — and no stranger to the spotlight. She also claims to have a “history of taming FBoys.”

She seemed to have a pretty strong FBoy radar from the start, stating in the trailer to the show that one of the guys is “really cute” but “looks like he’s going to ruin my life.”

“My red flags are going off,” she says in reaction to another contestant who seems like a guy who would have two phones.

She ultimately chose to start a relationship with Jared Evans — a professed nice guy and the only nice guy chosen by the three women at the end of the season.

About Nakia Renee

Nakia Renee

Nakia Renee has a history of trusting and falling for the bad guys, which might have motivated her decision to participate in “FBoy Island.” However, she was out to find a serious romantic relationship on the show and described herself as a hopeless romantic. The search for a nice guy was on. 

The Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter is building a music career in pop, with influences from Afropop, soul, and R&B. The music video of her single “Just Like Me” has over 75,000 views on YouTube.

On the show, Nakia ended up with Jared Motley, with whom she hit it off from the beginning of the series. Although they had to deal with ups and downs throughout the show, Nakia and Jared chose to continue a relationship outside the show. Good choice? Jared did profess he was now a “reformed FBoy,” so who knows?

Male “FBoy Island” Season 1 Participants

“FBoy Island” season one features 24 male participants. 12 self-proclaimed “nice guys” and 12 call-it-like-it-is “fuckboys” — all listed below:

  • Casey Johnson
  • Chaun Williams
  • Collin Carter
  • Fernando Titus
  • Garrett Morosky
  • Greg Metelus
  • Jared (OG Jared) Motley
  • Jarred (New Jarred) Evans
  • Josh McDonald
  • Welcome Tjelmeland
  • Chris Gillis
  • Jomar Pérez Adorno
  • Anthony Reed
  • Cameron Brown
  • Kevin Sun
  • Paul Keating
  • Tariq Johnson
  • Jamie Wood
  • Mark Moran
  • Matt Chamberlin
  • Rhino (Ryan) Garland
  • Charley Santos
  • Divij Vaswani
  • Israel Dimri
  • Andrew Dietz
  • Garratt Powers
  • Peter Park

Is “FBoy Island” Season 2 Coming Out?

The FBoys are coming back to the screen — along with the nice guys. HBO Max renewed the show for a second season in August 2021 after a successful first season, with comedian Nikki Glaser set to reprise her role as host of the reality show/social experiment. The next season is expected to premiere in summer of 2022.

A statement announcing the renewal quoted Jennifer O’Connell, HBO Max’s EVP of Non-Fiction and Live-Action Family, saying, “Season one undoubtedly kept the audience guessing, but we have even more big twists in store for Season two. To the next batch of Fboys, beware, we’re coming for you!”

Sounds interesting already. Fans are excited to see more of host Nikki Glaser, who coined the memorable “Fboy? F-bye!” catchphrase. “I couldn’t be happier about returning to “FBoy Island” for season two,” Nikki said in a statement. She added that “the only downside is that it confirms my greatest fear: that there are more than 12 Fboys on planet earth.”

Where Can You Watch “FBoy Island?”

“FBoy Island” is available to watch on HBO Max. You can stream all ten episodes of season one on the basic HBO Max subscription, with the added advantage of being able to dive into season two as soon as it premieres.

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