“Cold Justice” is a true-crime series currently airing on Oxygen. It follows former prosecutor Kelly Siegler and retired investigator Yolanda McLary. The duo travels across the country to small towns, reviving bone-chilling decades-old unsolved homicides, putting criminals to justice, and bringing solace to distraught victims.  

You see two professionals at work, taking the assistance of local law enforcement authorities to rebuild cases and confront suspects. The stakes are high as the show is unscripted, and criminals could resort to aggression in self-defense.  

Naturally, the drama is not over the top because of the unscripted episodes. However, watching the suspense of the story, the gruesomeness of the crimes, the insidious motives of a killer, and the grief of the victims will keep you on edge.  

The show has a rating of 88% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and an 8/10 IMDB score. It is produced by Wolf Entertainment and Magical Elves. Dick Wolf and Tom Thayer serve as the executive producers for Wolf Entertainment. Jane Lipsitz, Dan Cutforth, Kelly Siegler, Nan Strait, and Scott Patch serve as executive producers for Magical Elves.

Main Cast Members of “Cold Justice”

Each episode features new authorities, families, and small-town murder cases and their suspects. Some people from Kelly Siegler’s investigation team appear recurrently in the series. Below is the list of recurring cast members from the recently released season six—more about Kelly Siegler and Yolanda McClary in the following sections. 

Steve Spingola:

Steve Spingola

Steve is a homicide investigator and a Lieutenant Detective retiree of the Milwaukee police department. He accompanies Kelly and Yolanda to debriefings and crime scenes. He is also a good interrogator, extracting crucial information from the suspects and witnesses to reconstruct the facts of the case.  Steve has also served as a detective for the Critical Incident Unit.  The most famous case of Steve’s career was the high-profile case of the serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, a.k.a. the Milwaukee Monster. 

Eric Devlin:

Eric Devlin is a digital forensic expert. The team brings him in when they need to recover evidence from digital devices. He can track the location of mobile devices belonging to the people involved in the case – before, during, and after the crime. This data establishes whether the suspect testimony of their whereabouts is lining up or not. He is currently working as a digital forensic investigator, criminal investigator, and legal consultant. He is also the managing director of the Lone Star Forensic Group.  

Chris Robinson:

The team calls upon Chris Robinson when there’s ammunition involved. Chris is a ballistics expert, having vast knowledge of guns, gunpowder, and life-destroying live rounds. He helps the team reconstruct incidents of the criminal events by working out the trajectory, proximity of the shots, and identifying the firearm used, among other clues. He has worked as a Firearms examiner at the Georgia Bureau of Investigation for nine years and currently owns and operates a forensic consultancy. 

Abbey Abbondandolo:

Abbey Abbondandolo

Abbey joins the team as a homicide investigator and works alongside Kelly and Yolanda to put criminals to justice. He appears in several episodes, working on recreating crime scenes, interviewing suspects, and shedding light on the long-buried secrets of the cold cases. Abbey joined the Idaho Police Department at 19 and spent 32 years on the force. He spent his last 21 years working in the homicide department. He has also served as the security director for St. Luke’s Health System. He is now retired.

Kathryn Pinneri:

Kathryn Pinneri is a forensic pathologist. She helps the team in their investigation by studying the trauma and wounds of the victims to estimate the cause and time of death as well as the weapons used. She is currently serving as the director of Montgomery County Forensic Services. 

Tonya Rider:

Tonya Rider

Tonya has 26 years of experience as a detective and has investigated homicides and sexual assaults, obtaining hundreds of convictions. As a homicide investigator, she accompanies Kelly in the investigations (Tonya joined the show in season four. Yolanda McClary had left the show by then). Tonya is a retiree of the Toledo Police Department. She currently works as a consultant to the State of Ohio Attorney General and teaches at Bowling Green State University as an adjunct professor. 

About Kelly Siegler

Kelly Siegler

The award-winning veteran prosecutor Kelly Siegler is the mother of two daughters. Her crime-fighting journey goes back to 1987 when she obtained a Texas attorney license.  

Kelly has worked on over a thousand murder cases in her career. Her accomplishments include 150 first chair jury trials and securing 19 death penalties out of 20 capital murder case trials. 

She hails from a small town and has extreme empathy for the victims belonging to small towns.

She shines as a beacon of hope for victim families belonging to small towns that see the death of their loved one turning into a cold case murder. The lack of resources of local law enforcement to build a strong case is one reason behind criminals being on the loose. Kelly makes up for that with her specialist team that uses advanced techniques and equipment for investigation.

Several books and movies are written based on her cases. The case of Susan Wright got the most coverage. 

Kelly pitched Dick Wolf for a real-life crime series, and Dick Wolf gave the green light and became the producer of the show. 

Cold Justice Poster - Yolanda McClary and Kelly Siegler

Yolanda McClary and Kelly Siegler

About Yolanda McClary

Yolanda McClary is no stranger to the television business. Before starring in “Cold Justice,” she appeared on “Dateline NBC” and “Home & Family.” Dick Wolf reached out to her with an invitation to star in the show. She agreed and made friends with Kelly when the “Cold Justice” team introduced them on the phone.  

Yolanda is a retiree of the Las Vegas Police Department. She has 25 years of experience as a crime scene investigator. She was also the inspiration for Mark Helgenberger’s character Catherin Willow in the TV show “CSI.” 

Yolanda is a proud grandma relentlessly pursuing criminals. After leaving “Cold Justice,” she still carried on with investigative work and has solved cases with Paul Holes on the show “The DNA of Murder with Paul Holes.” 

She is currently starring in “The Jane Doe Murders,” bringing justice to unidentified victims. 

How Many Seasons and Episodes of “Cold Justice” Are There?

To date, six seasons have been released. The total number of episodes is 98. The premiere date of the last episode was January 1, 2022. However, a few episodes don’t have happy endings as the team couldn’t obtain enough evidence to close the case. 

The “Cold Justice” team has generated over 49 arrests, 21 convictions, four confessions, three guilty pleas, and three murder convictions.  

The TNT Network dropped the show after broadcasting the first three seasons. Two years later, the Oxygen network revived the show, but Yolanda McClary was not part of it. The seventh season of the show will be released this summer.

The show has a spinoff called “Cold Justice: Sex Crimes” that TNT aired from July 2015 to September 2015. The spinoff had only one season with ten episodes. 

Where Can I Watch “Cold Justice?”

“Cold Justice” is available to watch on TV networks and streaming platforms. The show airs on the Oxygen channel available with many cable providers. You can also stream it on: 

  • Voot (first three seasons)
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • YouTubeTV
  • fuboTV
  • Sling TV
  • Apple TV
  • Virgin TV Go

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