A new face will be joining the Behavioral Analysis Unit when Criminal Minds returns for season 11 in the fall. Aisha Tyler has signed on for a recurring role on the CBS drama.

Tyler is set to play a psychologist named Dr. Tara Lewis who has gravitated towards forensic psychology within the criminal justice system.

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As fans know, Jennifer Love Hewitt has left Criminal Minds after one season as Kate Callahan. Tyler’s character will come in after Aaron Hotchner goes through an interview process to find a replacement for Callahan. Hotchner finds that Lewis is the best person for the job and she ends up helping BAU with an investigation.

According to a character description provided by Entertainment Weekly, Tara Lewis had a dream to study psychopaths up close and personal. She has a psychology background and experience being in the FBI, which has “brought her face-to-face with monsters. Her job was to stare them down and interview them, in order to determine if they were fit to stand trial.” Along the way, “she made herself find the humanity inside these broken men (and, sometimes, women) in order to learn if there was a conscience behind their brutal crimes.”

Aisha Tyler is currently a co-host on The Talk and one of the voices on the animated series Archer. While she’s filling a void on the show, Jennifer Love Hewitt isn’t the only one stepping away. A.J. Cook is on maternity leave and will be missing from about five episodes, but she will be returning.


Criminal Minds season 11 premieres Wednesday, September 30 at 9pm on CBS.

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