Season 3 of Orphan Black is over, and while we did get some answers – including a big one about the Leda and Castor original and one about who’s running Leda and Castor – that doesn’t mean that there weren’t still questions at the end of “History Yet to Be Written.”

With answers, especially on this show, come more questions. In fact, just one answer can lead to several new questions, as was the case this season.

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Clone Club, here’s a list of 60 questions I had after the season 3 finale:

1. Will Sarah Be Searching for Someone or Something When Season 4 Begins?
Season 2 opened up with her on the run and trying to find Kira, and season 3 began with her searching for Helena.

2. What Does the Neolution Reveal Mean for Alison Since She’s Been Self-Monitoring for Dyad?
Have her reports been going to Neolution? Is that something she should be worried about?

3. Will Kendall’s Samples Help Cosima and Scott Find a Cure?

4. Will Cosima Die?
Will they be able to find a cure in time? Cosima has already said she’s not going to use Kira again, so that cure is her only hope.

5. Will We Meet Cosima’s Parents?
We met Alison’s mother in season 3, so why not introduce Cosima’s family in season 4?

6. Will Helena Have Her Baby?
It’s possible she could lose her baby, but given what we’ve seen of her with kids and that dream of hers to kick off the season 3 premiere, I think it’s likely she’ll be giving birth. Will it happen in season 4?

7. What Is Helena Going to Do with the Canister of Her Frozen Eggs?
She’s been carrying them around and storing them in various places this entire time. Will that continue in season 4?

8. What Will Helena’s Baby Be Like?
Boy? Girl? Special like Kira?

OB Rachel's Eye.png9. Why Did Rachel Get That Eye?
There has to be a reason why Rachel was given that eye and not a regular prosthetic, other than to show that Neolution is back in the picture, right?

10. How Will Rachel React to Her Mother Being Alive?
After all, we only saw her immediate reaction to seeing her mother alive in the finale.

11. Will Sarah Do Anything About Rachel Being With Neolution?
There’s no love lost between Rachel and any of her sisters, but with Ferdinand proclaiming them now “BFFs,” will he turn to Sarah to help him get Rachel back?

12. Will Rachel Even Want to Be Taken from Neolution?
Or will she want to stay with her mother?

13. Where Is Rachel?
All we know is where she flew into, when she asked Charlotte where they were, she didn’t know and all Dr. Nealon revealed to Delphine is that Neolution has her. 

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14. What Happens to Krystal Now?
What did Delphine tell her? Does she know she’s a clone? Or will that fall on someone else – say, Sarah and Felix – in season 4?

15. Will We Learn More About Beth?
All we’ve gotten are a few mentions here and there, that tape with Paul and Sarah’s dream.

16. Is Kendall Going to Be Hiding Out With Kira and Cal?
I’m not the only one who thought that was where that was what the end of the season finale was implying, right?

OB Charlotte.png17. Why Was Charlotte a Success?
I asked this after season 2 as well – Marion said there were hundreds of failures – but now that Charlotte is seemingly a part of Rachel’s life moving forward, is there more of a possibility of getting that answer in season 4?

18. Will We Meet More Leda Clones?

19. Do the Leda Clones Now Have the Book Back?
Last it was seen, Dr. Coady had it. But since Ferdinand had her, did he get his hands on the book? If so, did he give it to Topside before finding out about Neolution or did he still have it and give it to Sarah? If not, did Coady give it to someone else?

20. Will We Learn More About Felix’s Past?
This season, Mrs. S mentions he was a delinquent at age 6, but I’m not the only one who wants to learn more about his past, right?

21. Will Felix Get a New Love Interest?
One that hopefully won’t be interrupted by the police/clone-related business?

22. Who Shot Delphine?
Delphine knew it was coming, and all she asked was, “What will happen to her?” To me, her reaction implied that she knew her shooter and knew her shooter would know who she meant by “her.”

23. Will Delphine Die?
Delphine was last seen bleeding out against a car, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s going to die. Someone could find her in time. Perhaps Cosima will realize that Delphine was saying goodbye. Maybe she’ll put the pieces together if Shay tells her about Delphine’s visit.

24. Will the Hendrixes’ Income Come Solely from Bubbles?
Sure, Luisa had warned Donnie not to even try to restart the drug business, but then Helena killed Pouchy and all of them…

25. Will the Hendrixes’ Garage Come Back to Haunt Them?
Alison and Donnie have Dr. Leekie’s body in the ground and a freezer full of money. Plus they’re going to have to clean up Rudy and find somewhere to put him. (Next to Leekie perhaps?) Will they be able to continue to get away with everything?

26. Will Jason Kellerman Be Back?
Was Lionel telling Donnie that Kellerman wasn’t vouching for them the last Alison’s ex will be seen/mentioned?

27. Will the Police Investigate Pouchy’s Murder?
Helena and Donnie didn’t seem to take the time to clean up, and I doubt that there’s any way that Helena, using the blade from a paper cutter, left the scene looking like anything but a slaughter. Will this be addressed in season 4, or will they just move on without doing so?

28. What Will Cosima and Scott Do for Jobs?
Delphine accepted both of their resignations from Dyad and since they now know Neolution is running everything, what’s next career-wise for them? And how long can whatever resources they have access to last when it comes to working on coming up with a cure?

OB Dyad.png29. Will Cosima Tell Shay the Truth?
Delphine left Shay with a Dyad card with 324B21 and told her to tell Cosima to tell her everything. I imagine the only way that happens is if Cosima chooses to be with Shay, but what happened to Delphine could change everything.

30. Is Shay Hiding Something?
Is her military past just a coincidence? Is she only guilty of doing what anyone would do on an online dating site and lying?

31. Is Jesse Sticking Around for Helena?
The two were reunited in the finale, but is he going to be a permanent part of her life now? If he can handle everything she’s told him, I think they could make it, and it would be interesting to see what Helena’s like in a relationship. They couldn’t have just brought Jesse back for those two brief scenes, right? (This could depend on Patrick J. Adams’ availability.)

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32. Can Jesse Be Trusted?
It’s the question that must be asked about everyone who gets close to any of the clones.

33. Will We Learn More About Cal’s Past?
It was touched on when Paul paid Cal a visit in episode 302, but since that was the last time we saw Cal this season, that was it. I imagine if Michiel Huisman returns, that’s something that has to be explored.

34. Will Sarah Bring Kira Home or Leave Her in Iceland?
Now that Sarah knows Neolution is running both projects, I have a feeling Kira isn’t coming home. I wouldn’t even be surprised if there’s a location change for Kira in season 4 to ensure she’s safe.

35. Why Is Kira So Special?
Is it just because she’s the biological daughter of a clone? I had this question last season, and I hope it’s something they explore in season 4.

36. Will We Learn More About Art?
Everything we know about him has to do with his relationships with the clones. I’d like to see something more about him in season 4.

37. Who Will Be Next to Learn About Clones?
Shay? Krystal? Jesse? Sarah Stubbs? (Okay, that last one is a joke, but you never know…)

38. Will Vic or Angela Deangelis Show Up Again?
Last either was seen was in season 2. They kind of just faded away. Are they done for good or will they show up again to cause some trouble?

39. Will Marci Coates Be in Season 4?
Now that Alison beat her by 56 votes, was the finale the last we’ll see of Marci?

40. How Long Does Mark Have?
Does he have months like he and Gracie are hoping? Will Sarah try to help him since he helped her?

OB Castor.jpg41. Are There Any More Castor Clones?
Or have they all died because of their illness?

42. Will There Be Any More Follow-up on What Rudy and Seth Did to Patty?
Or is that over because they’re both dead?

43. Will There Be Any Follow-up on Castor Sterilizing Women?
Or will the focus move to Coady trying to weaponize the Castor pathogen? Or will the focus shift away from Castor altogether with Neolution once again a threat?

44. Where Is Dr. Coady?
Yes, Ferdinand got her, but did he already hand her over to Topside before finding out about Neolution? If so, does Topside or Neolution have her? Or could she be somewhere else?

45. For Whom Was Dr. Coady Trying to Weaponize the Castor Pathogen?
When Paul questioned her, she didn’t tell him, but did she know exactly? She could have been lied to, especially since she didn’t know there was another player other than Castor and Leda until the conversation with Benchman.

46. Who Is the Director?
Is he Castor? Is he Neolution? Is he neither?

47. Does Dyad Have a Future?
With Delphine’s life hanging in the balance, Dr. Nealon now dead and revealed to have been Neolution, Cosima and Scott no longer working there, how much of a role will Dyad have moving forward?

48. What Role Will Ferdinand Have Moving Forward?
Now that he knows that Neolution is running everything, will he still act as Topside’s cleaner, only with that clarity? Hopefully he has a big part to play because season 4 needs more James Frain, especially after the season 3 finale.

49. Will We Meet Anyone Else From Topside?
Especially now that we know Neolution has players in Dyad? Dr. Nealon couldn’t have been the only one, right? After all, those guards disappeared from the hallway when Delphine was questioning him…

OB Susan.png50. What’s Susan Duncan’s Role in Neolution?
Kendall told Sarah and Mrs. S that Neolution had corrupted her, but what role does she hold with them now?

51. How Much Does Susan Know?
Ethan had kept the identity of the original from Susan, but how much did she already know before Neolution got a hold of her?

52. Does Susan Have Any Enhancements from Neolution?
Olivier had the tail. Rachel now has the eye. Since Susan became a part of Neolution, did she get something added/upgraded?

53. Did Ethan Know Susan Is Alive?
Did he say Leekie killed her because Neolution corrupted her and losing her to them was just as bad as them killing her? Or did he think she was actually dead this entire time?

54. Who Else Is a Neolutionist?
Is that it for characters we’ve already met, or will we find out someone else is part of Neolution (and maybe even with an enhancement as well)?

55. Is Marion Part of Neolution?
Last we saw Charlotte in the season 2 finale, she was with her, and now she’s with Susan and Rachel…

56. If Marion Isn’t a Neolutionist, How Did They Get Charlotte?

57. If Marion Isn’t a Neolutionist, Where Is She?
Last she was seen was the season 2 finale, and last she was mentioned, she was off in Europe.

58. What Was That Worm Going to Do to Delphine?
Dr. Nealon was trying to get it into her and may have succeeded if she didn’t shoot him. What would it have done to her if he had?

59. Is There Another Organization Running Neolution?
After all, Neolution is running Leda and Castor. How many other players are there in this?

60. Are the Proletheans Still a Threat?
Will they be chasing after Gracie and Mark even though Bonnie told Gracie never to come back? Or are they gone for good?

The list has to stop at some point, but I’m sure you could come up with more questions, so head to the comments with any others you would like to see answered in season 4.

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