It’s a race against time to stop Drill’s plan at the nuclear power plant on The Whispers Season 1 Episode 4, “Meltdown.” Meanwhile unbeknownst to Claire and Wes, Minx recruits Henry to play Drill’s game in order to get his father back.

BuddyTV talked with Executive Producer Zack Estrin about what happened with Sean at the fence, the importance of the children, Drill’s relationship with them and what’s coming next. Read on for edited excerpt of the conversation.

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On what happened with Sean at the electric fence

Estrin: When Sean reaches out to touch the electric fence, it gets turned off for him. So in other words, he’s walking towards it and before he gets to it the power goes off. In essence it’s like, “Come on in.” It’s a good question. Did he do that? Did Drill do that? You’re about to find out in Episode 4.

On why Drill picked these kids

In [Episode] 4, You really find out why he gave Henry his hearing. This is what Henry is for and for Harper too, it’s kind of the culmination of where you get the “Oh, that’s what these three kids had to do with this” moment. It was all a set-up for this particular moment in Episode 4. It all comes together there. So that’s a real satisfying answer for why these kids. 

It also answers why Drill needs them at all. What was their purpose in this? If he is powerful, why did he need the kids, what the purpose of these particular children is and particularly Henry was for. It wasn’t a coincidence. It all fits together.

On Drill

He knows he needs Minx. He knows he needs Henry and so if somebody tries to get in the way of that, Drill simply removes that person from being a problem. Drill is all about removing obstacles to what his plan is. When those obstacles get in the way, then those obstacles get removed.

There is something very child-like about Drill as well. Sometimes, children are very, very smart and sometimes children also do things that they react emotionlly and they lash out. One of the reasons Drill connects so well with children is that maybe Drill is child-like himself and has a special connection with children.

Drill isn’t just a nameless, faceless thing. There is a character inside of Drill and emotions and desires and I think there is something to that and to Drill’s personality and being almost child-like. 

In the “The Meltdown” and beyond

It becomes very clear what Henry’s purpose is in this whole thing. We get our biggest demonstration of supernatural. It has a very, very emotional ending as well. It is the climax of the end of our first chapter and we open up a new chapter in Episode 5. And that’s when we get into some good character backstory and the second step of Drill’s plan.

The Whispers airs Mondays at 10pm ET on ABC.

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