Peggy, Sousa, Thompson, Jarvis and the gang finally have to take down Whitney during the Agent Carter season 2 finale, “Hollywood Ending.” They struggle to figure out how to get the Zero Matter out of Whitney and close the rift at the same time. But things also get personal, when Peggy finally has to choose between Wilkes and Sousa.

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Whitney Finally Gets Her Zero Matter

The Agent Carter season 2 finale begins with a flashback to 60 seconds earlier. Peggy pulls her gun on Thompson. He says she doesn’t have it in her, but she says she does. He almost presses the detonator and she almost shoots him, but there’s an explosion.

No, it wasn’t Thompson’s bomb. It was Wilkes’ explosion from earlier. He didn’t die, though. The Zero Matter exploded out of him. Then Whitney finally gets what she wanted all along. She absorbs all the Zero Matter. “We’ve got a problem,” Thompson says. No kidding. “There. Everything is where it belongs,” Whitney grins. So they all run. Whitney promises she knows where they’re going and that she’ll catch them just before Jarvis and Howard Stark hit her with their car and they all escape. She’s fine, though, of course.

Will Peggy Work With Manfredi?

Sousa and Thompson go back to the office and deal with Vernon Masters’ men. Wilkes, meanwhile, explains to Peggy, Howard and Jarvis that the Zero Matter is like a virus. He and Whitney were carriers, but now it’s looking for a new place on Earth to infect. He also says he can’t get over the things he did while he had the Zero Matter in his system.

Whitney, meanwhile, works on a plan to open a new door for the Zero Matter. Manfredi tries to distract her, but she almost breaks his arm. He talks to his grandmother about how Whitney’s been ignoring him. He realizes that “something’s got a hold of her.” It’s the Zero Matter. Does he not see this?

So Peggy wants to make a new Gamma cannon, while Howard wants to make a containment chamber to study the Zero Matter. Either way, they need to get it out of Whitney and off of Earth. While they’re planning, Manfredi comes out with a gun held to Jarvis’ head. It turns out he and Howard are old friends, though, and he was just kidding around. He wants to team up with Peggy and the gang because they all have something in common now. “We’re worried about Whitney,” he says. Obviously, there are confused faces all around.

Manfredi tries to say that Whitney is a thoughtful, loving person, but nobody’s buying it. Howard says that Manfredi always went for the crazy ones. Still, Manfredi says that the Zero Matter changed Whitney and he wants them to save her. He mentions that Whitney wants to open the rift again, so Peggy decides the only thing to do is open it first, knock the Zero Matter out of Whitney and close it again. Howard has a better idea: steal Whitney’s plan from her and use it themselves.

Manfredi goes on a mission to get Whitney out of her room and distract her. She hasn’t been eating or sleeping. She’s just writing on her wall, working and muttering to herself. Manfredi tells Whitney he’s been trying to interrogate one of his guys, but he’s not scared of him. He needs her to be his muscle. And she agrees.

So Manfredi has one of his men pretend to be a spy against him, and Whitney helps interrogate him. Peggy and Sousa, meanwhile, sneak into Whitney’s room and take pictures of her work. Sousa also snaps a picture of Peggy and says he was happy they got to work together again.

Whitney doesn’t care about the interrogation. She wants to leave, but Manfredi has her use her powers on the guy. Finally, the guy takes Manfredi by surprise, admitting that he was actually working with the feds. Whitney leaves and gets back to her room just after Sousa messes up one of her equations, and he and Peggy sneak out the window.

Can Peggy and the Gang Open the Rift?

Howard, Samberly and Wilkes work out Whitney’s design and fight over naming rights. There are some problems, like how do they keep more Zero Matter from coming in and where this will all go down, but Peggy has total faith in them.

So they all get to work on the machine. As they work, Howard hits on Rose, things get awkward between Wilkes and Sousa when they discuss Peggy, and Peggy asks Jarvis how Ana’s doing. Even Thompson comes to help. Peggy lets him get them all dinner. They finish the machine and test it out — and the rift opens! Of course, Whitney feels it.

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Where Do Thompson’s Loyalties Lie?

While he places the order for dinner, Thompson finds Masters’ old pin. It turns out it’s some sort of key.

While they wait for Whitney to show up, Howard practices his golf into the rift, Samberly has problems with his X-Ray projections, and Thompson asks Peggy if she’s going to turn him in for siding with Masters. She says she won’t and that she knows he’s a good man. Then he shows her the pin. Now they just have to find out what the key opens.

Now Can They Close the Rift?

Whitney finally shows up. She sneaks up on Samberly and they hear him scream. She heads right to the rift and Howard shoots her with the cannon, so she loses all of her Zero Matter and they arrest her. But there’s a problem: they can’t close the rift. They can use the manual override on the machine, but whoever shuts it down manually will be sucked into the rift. While they all argue over who should be the one to do it, Sousa ties a tether to himself and goes to do it himself.

While Sousa starts to close the rift, Jarvis gets an idea and leaves. Sousa almost gets pulled into the rift, but Peggy grabs onto the tether. The others join her and save Sousa. Jarvis gets back with Samberly. He wants to put the Gamma cannon in Howard’s hover car and detonate it inside the rift. It works and they all survive!

Will Peggy Really Leave LA?

At the end of Agent Carter season 2, Howard offers Wilkes a position, and Peggy tells Wilkes that she’s going back to New York. They’re not going to work out, but they’re glad they met. Ana also shows up just in time for Peggy to say goodbye. Whitney, meanwhile, freaks out over her Zero Matter being gone. Calvin’s there, though, and says they’ll fix it. He’s dead, right? Right. Whitney’s in a psychiatric hospital talking to herself while a distraught Manfredi watches.

Just before she leaves, Jarvis asks Peggy if she really has to leave. Her whole life is in New York and her plane ticket is already booked. Still, Jarvis says Peggy only needs one reason to stay: Sousa. Sousa then yells at her for saving him at the rift, especially since she had chastised him for the same thing earlier. And she kisses him!

But Agent Carter can’t end on a happy note like that. At the end of the finale, Thompson gets a knock on his hotel door. Someone shoots him in the chest and steals his redacted file on Peggy.

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