Official photos from Syfy’s three-hour night of Christmas specials on Tuesday, December 6 with Eureka, Warehouse 13 and Haven.

#27 Eureka: “Do You See What I See”

In this episode, a mysterious kaleidoscope transforms the citizens of Eureka into animated versions of themselves in different styles, including claymation and anime.

#26 A Claymation Carter

#25 Allison, Carter and Liupo

#24 Clay People

#23 Sheriff Carter and His Claymation Jeep

#22 Henry and Fargo

#21 Fargo Goes Down a Hill

#20 Carter and Lupo

#19 In the Polar Bear’s Lair

#18 Lupo and the Bear

#17 Lupo, Carter and a Polar Bear

#16 An Old-Fashioned Cartoon Lupo, Carter and Deputy Andy

#15 Sheriff Carter

#14 A Strange Trip for Jack

#13 Sheriff Carter and Deputy Andy

#12 Carter vs. Snowman

#11 An Anime Carter and Lupo

#10 Henry and Fargo

#9 The Evil Anime Snowman

#8 Warehouse 13: “The Greatest Gift”

In this episode, Pete has a Wonderful Life experience when he wakes up in a world where he was never born and must get the team back together to help him.

#7 Claudia, Peter and Myka

#6 Claudia and Artie

#5 Pete

#4 Haven: “Silent Night”

In this episode, Audrey starts seeing Christmas decorations in July, which no one else thinks is strange. But then people start disappearing.

#3 Santa Duke

Santa Duke

#2 Santana Duke and Audrey Parker

#1 Nathan Wuornos on Christmas

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