Are you getting bored with television’s options this fall? Or do you just need more to watch than what TV can offer? If that’s the case, there are several web series out there to fill in any gaps. We profile three series here — only a small sample of the many, many Internet-based shows.

Aim High
Lauded by its producers as the “first-ever ‘social series,'” Aim High counts as a big-budget, high-end production in the world of web series.

The show tells the story of Nick Green (Jackson Rathbone of Twilight fame), a 16-year-old high-school student who happens to also be a top-secret agent for the government. Thus, in between saving the world and killing bad guys, Nick has to pass physics and win the heart of a cute girl.

TV viewers will recognize a lot of the actors in Aim High. In addition to Rathbone’s Nick, other main characters include Rebecca Mader (of Lost and No Ordinary Family fame) and Aimee Teegarden (from Friday Night Lights).

Aim High also has a gimmick: Using an application on the Facebook page (the only place you can watch the series anyway), profile information will show up in the show. Photos, status updates and your friends are all fair game in this crazy bit of technology. The results are fairly cool.

Check out the lower-left corner for the personalized graffiti.

As for the rest of the show, it’s about 7 minutes of teenage angst and impressive fight scenes. If you like your entertainment brief and morally-deprived, this is the series for you.

With the first episode available as of October 18, you can watch episodes of Aim High on Facebook.

Dragon Age: Redemption
Now that season 5 of The Guild is over, fans of web series may need to get their Felicia Day fix. Fortunately, she’s starring in yet another web series, Dragon Age: Redemption.

Based on the RPG Dragon Age, the series tells the story of an elf assassin named Tallis sent to track down a rogue mage before he can do lots of bad things.

The special effects are basic (hey, it’s the Internet) but effective. And the acting is, for the most part, impressively good. Felicia Day as Tallis is the particularly fun, especially if you’re familiar with her roles on The Guild and Eureka. Dragon Age‘s Tallis is an assassin and therefore a very different part than those other roles.

Click play below to watch the first episode of the series.

For more episodes of Dragon Age: Redemption, click here.

Mixed Blooms
Fantasy and action may not be your cup of tea. Thanks to the rather wide variety of programming available on the Internet these days, there are other options. One such option is the family-based sitcom, Mixed Blooms.

Mixed Blooms is an independent and low-budget web series about a family running a florist shop. Featuring a cast of lesser-known TV actors — principally Teresa Huang (known for a recurring role on The Riches as well as appearances in Lost and Grey’s Anatomy) and John F. Schaffer (he’s been on The Office, True Blood and Heroes) — Mixed Blooms sticks primarily to the flower shop owned by the Fluge family.

Check out the pilot episode below:

Click here to watch new episodes as they become available (typically each Wednesday morning).

Do you have any favorite web series that are airing this fall? Let us know what they are in the comments section!

(Images and videos courtesy of Aim High, Dragon Age: Redemption and Mixed Blooms)

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