There’s been a lot of news about Eureka lately. First there were six episodes ordered to end the show after season 6. Then, Syfy clarified that Eureka might not end at that point. This was followed, on Monday night, with the announcement that Eureka would be done at the end of next year’s season 5.

What’s the news now? Apparently, Eureka will still end with season 5, but there will be one additional season-5 episode to help tie up the show’s loose ends.

I guess that counts as a silver lining? The news of the additional episode comes from E! Online, which had reporters on the set of the show just after the cancellation news broke. The apparently unhappy reactions of the cast to the news were somewhat eased by the news that a single, wrap-up episode would be coming.

The news is especially positive when you consider Eureka‘s production schedule. Even though viewers are only watching episodes from season 4.5 this summer, the show’s production is actually just about to the end of season 5. According to BuddyTV’s interview with Eric Wallace, a writer for Eureka, production on the final season-5 episode was scheduled to begin this Thursday, with the season wrapping the following week.

That didn’t leave a lot of time to figure out any new plots and conclusions for a Eureka series finale.

Click here for our interview with Eureka writer Eric Wallace.

There is no word yet on when the additional season-5 episode might go into production. Most likely — assuming the writers can come up with a script quickly enough — the extra Eureka episode will be made quickly. It’s got to be more expensive to come back to a production after time away, and one would imagine that Syfy does not want to run up costs on the show at this point.

Will a single additional episode be enough to conclude Eureka in a satisfying way? Is that extra episode needed at all? It looks like we’ll find out in a year!

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