It’s been a hard year for love on TV. Too many relationships have crumbled or are on the verge of crumbling. From Castle to The Vampire Diaries, couples that seem so perfect for each other just can’t seem to figure it out. Here are 8 TV couples that we hope manage to get it together in 2016.

Jane and Michael, Jane the Virgin

TeamMichael.gif What seemed to be a destroyed relationship in season 1 was finally getting back on track in season 2 of Jane the Virgin. Jane tried out being with someone else and was remembering what she loved so much about Michael and his dependability. More than that, she was feeling the spark again. Everything was going great until Michael jumped to a conclusion out of rage towards Rafael and ended up hurting Mateo in the process. It was an accident, Jane. You know that’s not who Michael is. Take him back!

Hanna and Caleb, Pretty Little Liars

Hanna and Caleb PLL.gif Season 6a of Pretty Little Liars ended on a high note for Hanna and Caleb. Caleb revealed that he had taken a job in New York which allowed Hanna to attend college at her dream school. A fairy tale ending, if the show were to end there. Since it’s not, it seems there’s drama in store for these two. In one of the trailers for season 6b, it looks like Hanna and Caleb are no longer together and that he might be hooking up with…Spencer? The cast has already revealed that Hanna comes back to Rosewood engaged to someone else, but we’re still #TeamHaleb.

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Castle and Beckett, Castle

castle8beckett.gif This was one of the most upsetting plot devices ever. Castle and Beckett have definitely put each other through a lot, but separating them is hard to watch. Beckett left Castle to focus on her mother’s 16-year old murder case. This separation can not last long. Beckett needs Castle and vice versa.

Jess and Nick, New Girl

Nick and Jess New Girl.gif Jess and Nick are one of the cutest, most “adorkable” couples on TV. At least, they were. The roommates-turned couple-turned back to roommates haven’t managed to find a commonplace yet, but it’s definitely been hinted at a lot this season. If CeCe was able to get past Schmidt cheating on her and actually get engaged to him, there has to be hope for Nick and Jess.

Stefan and Caroline, The Vampire Diaries

Team Steroline.gif The will they/won’t they friendship of Steroline has carried on for 7 seasons. The romantic tinglings have been off for a while, but with Elena said and done, there’s plenty of room for a Stefan/Caroline union. Caroline has been Team Stefan for a while, and Stefan deserves to find real love.

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Tony and Jeanne, NCIS

NCIS Tony and Jeanne.gif Tony and Jean had a slight reunion earlier in season 13 of NCIS. It was nice to see because it allowed both of them to get some closure on their tangled pasts. While we did find out that Jeanne is married, is it bad to hope that things go south for them? Tony needs love too and he was definitely at his happiest with Jeanne.

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Callie and Arizona, Grey’s Anatomy

Greys Anatomy Callie and Arizona.gif Shonda Rhimes has already proven that in her TV worlds, no relationship is safe. Especially on Grey’s Anatomy. She proved that again with one of the most established relationships on the show, Callie and Arizona. The couple has had a lot of relationship and trust issues over the years. Between the leg amputation, the cheating and the marriage counseling, the two finally opted to see other people. Callie and Arizona have had such a beautiful relationship and daughter for so long. They deserve to get back to a place of happiness together.

Annalise and Eve, How to Get Away with Murder

HTGAWM Annalise and Eve.gif Annalise and Eve are both bat-shit crazy. Somehow, they complete each other and fully deserve one another. If you check the fan-fiction online, you’ll see there are plenty of people who agree and hope for this. The two have started to rekindle this relationship as of late, so hopefully 2016 will be their year.

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Kartik Chainani

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