If there’s one person in Pretty Little Liars who we can count on to tell it like it is, it’s Spencer Hastings. She has no problem being as brash with the Liars as she wants, and we love her for it. Spencer’s sarcasm and constant eye-rolling might be what we miss most about the show. Let’s celebrate her most brutally honest moments.

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1. Correcting Hanna’s English

PLL Worse to worser.gif Hanna’s use of the English language was always very … creative. Spencer never forgot to check her on it immediately.

2. Her Words of Wisdom

PLL stop caring.gif Let’s be honest, we all feel like this sometimes. Most of us haven’t been through half of what these girls have been through either, so even if they don’t want to admit it, Spencer told it like it was. Things would be easier if they just didn’t care so much.

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3. Telling Aria How Not to Handle Ezra

PLL Ezra nuts.gif Leave it to a Hastings to give good advice as bluntly as possible. This was maybe one of Spencer’s greatest quotes of all time. While trying to tell Aria not to smother Ezra and let him do some things for himself, she managed to make an unintended quip about his masculinity which also rang true.

4. Her Description of Mona

PLL Spencer describes Mona.gif No one can ever get a proper read on Mona Vanderwaal, but Spencer managed to describe her best with this one. A combination of manipulation and fashion, worded in a way only Spencer could think of.

5. Calling out Hanna’s Strange Choices

PLL Spencer rabbit.gif Hanna’s always been a little goofy, but someone has to draw the line somewhere. Spencer is quick to take on that role when Hanna says and does some especially eccentric things, like trying to communicate with a rabbit.

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6. Understanding the Psyche of Teenagers

PLL Spencer destructive.gif Another example of Spencer’s innate ability to perfectly describe what someone is down to their core. This time, speaking of Aria’s affair with Ezra, she does mention that it’s a dangerous move, but also that it kind of turns her on.

7. Questioning the Spawn of Melissa

PLL Spencer not human.gif It was no secret that Spencer didn’t like or trust Ian. It wasn’t a secret because Spencer had no problem being blunt about it. Even when her sister was pregnant, she couldn’t mask her disdain with fake joy for her, even suggesting that their unborn child might be inhuman.

8. Letting a Nurse Know She’s Unwanted

PLL could you not be here.gif You know those awkward situations where you want to talk to someone in private, but don’t know how to politely ask the third party to give you two some time? Spencer seems to have worked out a formula for that — just tell them straight up to leave.

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Do you have more favorite moments of Spencer’s honesty? Share them with us in the comments below!

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