When it comes TV fandom, shipping has become a whole separate and passionate section. Fans love to take their favorite characters and imagine what it would look like if they started playing kissy face with one another. It is a fun way to engage with a TV show other than just talking about the plot or other characters. There are some potential couples that are so wrong that they should never happen. Here are 8 TV relationships we hope never turn romantic, no matter what  the fans might want. 

Alex and Meredith, Grey’s Anatomy

Some fans might want to see Meredith move on from McDreamy with Alex but it should never, ever, never happen. Alex and Meredith are one of the most perfect (current) examples of a male to female platonic friendship. They support each other emotionally, there is no need for them to do so romantically.


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Caitlin and Barry,The Flash

Since The Flash began there has been a certain segment of fans who have shipped Caitlin and Barry together and done so hard. It needs to end because it is never going to happen. Barry and Caitlin have no romantic chemistry. They are friends and that is all. Any “longing glances” they share or concern they have for one another is as friends, nothing more.


Clarke and Bellamy, The 100

There was a time on The 100 when Clarke and Bellamy had so much sexual tension they could probably burn the entire forest down. Bellamy and Clarke seemed like the perfect couple in season one of The 100 mostly because Clarke was in love with the super boring and super crazy Finn instead. Now the luster has come off this hypothetical romance. Clarke has loved and lost again with Lexa. Bellamy has turned into a mass murderer of Grounders. They are still excellent as partners and friends but they are little too damaged to find romantic happiness together.


Winn and Kara, Supergirl

Kara’s current love interest on Supergirl, James Olsen, is not the most popular of characters. While Kara and James have some fans, most are ambivalent about the relationship. Many would feel that Supergirl would be better served if Kara hooked up with her other BFF Winn. Yeah… no that’s never going to work. Winn only became interesting as a character when he gave up his hopeless crush on Kara and became his own person. Winn going back to being in love with Kara in a hypothetical season 2 feels like a huge step back for the character.


Watson and Holmes, Elementary

When it was announced that Elementary would consist of a male Sherlock and female Watson, everyone naturally assumed the two would be locking lips by the series’ end. Instead what developed on Elementary is a sometimes antagonistic but mostly harmonious partnership between Watson and Holmes. There has never been a hint of romantic attraction between the two and to make it happen would kind of rob what makes Elementary special in the first place. The show stands out a detective show with a male and female lead where the two characters are not attracted to one another.


Ravi and Liv, iZombie

It’s a given when the lead of a show is female but Liv has been shipped with nearly every character on iZombie. Fans want Liv to be with everyone from Clive to Blaine. One of the most awkward proposed couples is between Liv and Ravi. It’s not that Liv and Ravi aren’t fun to watch together but they would be a terrible romantic couple. They’re friends, partners and co-partners. They do all three extraordinarily well. There is no need to turn their awesome friendship into a tacked-on romance.


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Bonnie and Damon, The Vampire Diaries

Bonnie and Damon’s love/hate relationship is normally great fodder for romantic pairings on TV. Everyone loves the couple who bicker with one another as much they love each other. There are so many reasons that Damon and Bonnie actually hooking up would be a huge mistake. The Vampire Diaries already tackled the idea of friends turning to lovers with Stefan and Caroline. It did not work out. Plus, there is the whole Elena under a sleeping curse to consider. It’s going to be super awkward when/if Elena wakes up that she finds out that Damon was hooking up with her best friend Bonnie during the slumber. 


What what do you think? Do you agree? Do you hope any of these couples become real? 

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