The 14 models of America’s Next Top Model cycle 15 had bully and power words written on their bodies as a statement against teen bullying. Who got their message across, and who let the words get under their skin?

#14 Terra

Bully word: Soup cooler
Power word: Luscious lips

Terra was the first of the season to have an on-set freak out, and her lack of confidence and confusion come across in this photo. Playing with her bikini strap mixes up the message of the shot and makes it hard to know what to look at–but wherever I look, I’m not thrilled. She has so much more potential than is displayed here.  

#13 Anamaria

Bully word: Bucktooth
Power word: Sexy mouth

The season’s first casualty had other poses in her arsenal, but Tyra chose this shot to keep Anamaria’s exposed rib cage out of the picture. That in and of itself is a big issue, but this photo has problems of its own: Namely, that Anamaria’s face looks gorg, but her body language seems to evoke the opposite effect you would want here. She looks afraid and cold and unsure, not like a confident, sexy woman overcoming bullies of her past. And those “sexy lips” don’t get even so much as lip service in the shot.  

#12 Rhianna

Bully word: Stupid
Power word: Undefinable

I like the way Rhianna’s two words serve as sort of vertical bookends on her body in this shot, but I’m not crazy about the angles she’s creating, or the sleepy (maybe even sedated), up-the-nostrils expression she’s giving us. It feels more “uncomfortable” than “undefinable,” if you ask me.  

#11 Sara

Bully word: Manly
Power word: Athletic

Sara is beautiful, but she’s just not doing much. At all. Before the next photo shoot, she needs an espresso shot and a “shake it out” dance, and then maybe she’ll come alive and take that beauty to a whole new level.  

#10 Kacey

Bully word: Oreo
Power word: Nubian Queen

This is just “meh.” Not upsetting in any way, but nothing jumps out and makes me say “Wow!” or even “Yes.” Just … “meh.” And Tyra was right: Kacey does look like an athlete in this shot. A gorgeous one, but an athlete none the less. Not high-fashion enough … yet.  

#9 Chris

Bully word: Bony
Power word: Slim

Chris looks sexy and cool in this shot, and exudes the confidence that we all know she really has. But she didn’t take it far enough. I’d like to see her try some more dynamic poses and up the drama next time.  

#8 Liz

Bully word: Mutt
Power word: Biracial Beauty

I kind of like the straight-on approach that Liz took in this shot, and she’s one of the only girls who confronts the camera and express some sort of anger about the bullying message. Her face is arresting and beautiful, but we’ll need to wait and see if her body can be so dynamic.  

#7 Esther

Bully word: Weirdo
Power word: Independent

Esther looks awkward. In a good way … I think? I honestly can’t decide, the more I look at it, because more than anything her face and hair remind me of the Bride of Frankenstein. Which isn’t necessarily bad–she was an undead looker. One thing’s for sure: This photo embodies “weirdo.” At least in a sea of boring, Esther made it interesting.  

#6 Chelsey

Bully word: Casper
Power word: Fearless

I like how tense and “possessed” (Tyra’s word) Chelsey is here–it’s a real transformation from her happy-go-lucky attitude on the show, and I appreciate that. A tiny bit more eye action and a couple angles in her limbs could have given this the Nicole Fox-esque “wow” factor.  

#5 Lexie

Bully word: Elf ears
Power word: Unique

I know this is probably not the best reason to place a photo so high, but I just really love Lexie’s hair in this shot. I want to steal it. Beyond that, the lighting on her face and her upward-angled eyes are dreamy and lovely. From the neck up, I give it an A+.  

#4 Kendal

Bully word: Lanky
Power word: Fierce

FIERCE! She certainly nailed her power word in this one. She’s not even doing much, and Kendal’s still all kinds of sexy in this shot. Imagine what will happen once she learns a few more posing skills?  

#3 Jane

Bully word: Big face
Power word: Big square head

It was really, really hard for me to get past how terrible Jane’s word choices were–but once I did (and I guess I am still working on it, because HUH?) I had to admit that she looks all sorts of pretty pixie in this one. If only she were doing something else with her left hand, we might have a winner.  

#2 Ann

Bully word: Giant
Power word: Amazon

Ann’s long proportions and elegant arms made her the perfect canvas for this photo shoot, and her elegance and dreamy gaze took this picture a cut above.  

#1 Kayla

Bully word: Queer
Power word: Free

Even without knowing her tear-jerking backstory, Kayla’s shot is so clearly this week’s winner. Her body language, the composition, her long mane of bright blond hair, the symbolism of the word “free” on her neck as she gazes into the light with a mixture of such sadness and hope … it’s beautiful on every level.  


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