Tony and Ziva from NCIS can never be replaced. They stole the hearts of the fans and are deeply missed. However, there is an opening for a cute, will-they-won’t-they relationship in the office. After the events of “High Tide,” it looks like two agents have now taken up the challenge. Bishop and Torres went undercover and fans saw them both in a different light. Here’s a look at how they could become the new Tony and Ziva, without stepping on their memory.

3 Signs Bishop and Torres on 'NCIS' Are Becoming the New Tony and Ziva

They Bicker All the Time

When Ziva was first introduced, it took a while to warm to her. However, eventually she found a place in the team. With Tony, they had a typical sibling relationship at first, almost taking Cate Todd’s place as the one to continually bicker with the “Very Special Agent.” That sibling-like relationship developed into a romantic one, but the two still bickered.

This is exactly what Bishop and Torres have. While they respect each other, they like to watch each other squirm. They will push boundaries and fight over situations. There’s plenty of banter, which was something missing for a long time after Ziva left.

Both Care Deeply About Each Other

While they were undercover, they saw each other in a new light. They made sure the other was safe, looking out for clues and playing their roles long enough to crack the case. Sure, they care about their other team members, but this started to go deeper in the episode.

Torres had the chance to see that Bishop could act and was excellent undercover, while Bishop realized that she was willing to put herself in danger for Torres’ life. Their mutual respect for each other has grown in this one episode, similar to how Tony and Ziva’s mutual respect grew when they pretended to be a couple.

NCIS fans weren’t the only ones who noticed this. Donnie, who turned out to be the drug boss, pointed out that Torres looked at Bishop in a way that showed he cared deeply. Could this conversation play on Torres’ mind in the future?

The Characters Are Similar

Torres has a lot in common with Tony. They are both playful at work, love their jobs and enjoy going undercover. While they have the utmost respect for their team members, they like to make fun or play practical jokes. Not that fans needed it, but they were reminded of Tony’s love for practical jokes earlier in the season and there were thoughts that Torres had been the mastermind first.

As for Bishop, she has some similarities to Ziva. They are both focused on their jobs and like to keep their personal lives private. Sometimes they prefer their own company, but they also aren’t afraid to face off against the men in the office.

Bishop and Torres are a chance to bring two similar personalities together again. While Tony and Ziva can never be replaced, it is time for some of that hole to be filled.

Do you think Bishop and Torres will become the new Tony and Ziva? Would you be happy if that happened?

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