28 Lost crossover specials we’d like to see.

#28 Ben on The Moment of Truth

Is this man capable of telling the truth? Only host Mark L. Wahlberg will know for sure as all of Lost’s questions are finally answered.

#27 John Locke on Heroes

Introducing a new hero: A man named John Locke who can perform miracles. But is he really a hero? Or is he actually a villain? Or a hero this week and a villain the next?

#26 Charles Widmore on The Apprentice

If The Donald ever resigned he could pass the torch to Charles Widmore. There’s just one problem. The tasks Widmore assigned would be horribly immoral, probably illegal and frankly strange.

#25 Charlotte on House

Unexplained nosebleeds and seizures? Maybe it wasn’t a side effect of time travel at all. Maybe it was a side effect of Lupus! If Charlotte were at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital instead of on the Island, her odds of survival would have gone way up thanks to the last second realizations of Dr. Gregory House.

#24 Jin on The Office

Jin could get a job working for Dunder Mifflin. After trying some of his kimchi Michael would open a profitable Korean food lunch truck out of the office kitchen. But when the smell of the spices got to be too much Kevin would rebel.

#23 Ms. Hawking on Supernatural

A strange woman who can see the future and knows everyone’s entire timeline and place in the universe sounds perfect for an episode of Supernatural as the Winchester brothers try to stop the inevitable prophetic warnings from this crazy old lady.

#22 Claire on Beverly Hills 90210

Maybe in a lost episode of Beverly Hills 90210 Dylan cast off on the Pacific Ocean and washed up on the coast of Australia. He would have melted for a local teen with a tragic past. But when he ran off without saying goodbye would he leave her with more than memories? Could Dylan McKay be Aaron’s real father? The world wants to know!

#21 Miles on Ghost Whisperer

Not only could Miles provide a few pointers on talking to dead people, but he’d certainly be up for the task of shamelessly flirting with Jennifer Love Hewitt‘s character.

#20 Libby on The X-Files

Libby never talked about her past – ever. What if that’s because she couldn’t? What if larger forces were at play there? Would she be on the side of Walter Skinner or The Cigarette Smoking Man?

#19 Nikki and Paulo on The Riches

What if Wayne and Dahlia Malloy had stumbled across their dopplegangers Nikki and Paulo? Could either one trust the other as long as both were still out there?

#18 Charlie on Celebrity Rehab

A washed-up rock star addicted to drugs? Before his death, Charlie
Pace would’ve been the ideal candidate for this VH1 reality show with Dr. Drew.

#17 Charlie on Rock of Love

After cleaning up his act, Charlie would be perfect as the star of the newest installment of Rock of Love as 25 beautiful strippers and groupies try to fall in love with the Drive Shaft rocker. He’d ruin it, though, because he wouldn’t stop talking about Claire.

#16 Mr. Eko on Survivor

The rough edged Nigerian with a lifetime of outdoor experience would be a great guide on an upcoming season of Survivor, teaching the Reward Challenge winners how to thrive. But could he put up with a bunch of models and wanna-be actresses?

#15 Jin and Sun on Wife Swap

Watching Sun play mother to another family would be fun to watch, but even better would be seeing Jin try to deal with from free-spirited, independent wife who stands up to him.

#14 Kate and Aaron on CSI

What happened to Aaron after Kate left? It sounds like a case for the investigative skills of the CSI team.

#13 Daniel Faraday on Doctor Who

1996, Oxford University. The Doctor meets a manic, disheveled genius who claims he can travel in time. He dismisses Daniel Faraday as a nut because there was no time travel in 1990s London. But when Faraday stops a giant Smoke Monster from exploding through the physics building The Doctor realizes he may have found his new companion.

#12 Kate on Friday Night Lights

Kate may want to consider Dillon as a place to escape her past. She’d just have to put up with Tim Riggins trying to make a move on her and oh-so-clever people pointing out that Kate Austen lives in Austin.

#11 Shannon and Boone on The Amazing Race

Two types of pairs always do well on this show: siblings and romantic couples. With this bickering duo, you have the best of both worlds.

#10 Geronimo Jackson on VH1 Storytellers

What’s the deal with this fictional ’70s band? Everything could be
explained in one simple hour featuring the band telling their story and playing their biggest hits.

#9 Sayid on 24

I’m sure Sayid Jarrah and Jack Bauer could trade plenty of tips on their most effective torture techniques.

#8 Claire on American Idol

We already know she loves scrawny rock stars. Maybe Claire would go for Anoop ‘Noop Dog’ Desai? Hey, a dawg can dream, can’t he?

#7 Ana Lucia on Law and Order

The rotating crop of detectives on Law and Order could use a saucy, tough cop willing to break the rules.

#6 Juliet on Private Practice

Since ABC already has a show about fertility doctors, it would only make sense if Juliet was somehow involved with Naomi’s work before moving to the Island.

#5 Jack on Grey’s Anatomy

It’s Dr. Shephard vs. Dr. Shepherd when Derek resents the fact that Jack is called in to assist with a difficult spinal surgery.

#4 Michael on Sex and the City

He was a construction worker. She was a socialite. He had a son. She wanted one. Carrie, Samantha and Miranda might have been surprised but these two had potential in the 90s. The episode title is easy. “Guess Who’s Coming to Bed?”

#3 Walt on Gossip Girl

Now that he’s going to school in New York City, Walt could easily bump into one of those rich Upper East Siders and get sucked into their fancy world of parties and romantic drama.

#2 Sawyer on Prison Break

We all know Sawyer has been in prison. What we didn’t know was that maybe he served a brief stint at Fox River State Penitentiary, and in
this flashback episode, we could see how he almost became a part of Michael Scofield’s escape crew.

#1 Hurley on The Biggest Loser

If more than 100 days on an island can’t help him lose weight, maybe Bob and Jillian could. The only problem might be Hurley’s paranoia, as he would almost certainly suspect the trainers of being Others.

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