Yes, it really is going to happen.  As previously reported, Carlos Bernard is doing a Lazarus and coming back as the resurrected Tony Almeida when 24 returns on its seventh season come January 13.  Fans of the popular FOX real-time drama will be waiting with great anticipation to find out exactly how Jack Bauer’s (Kiefer Sutherland) bosom buddy and trusted colleague will be written back in after his seeming demise in the latter half of season 5.

Since Tony’s apparent death at the hands of the Jack’s twisted former mentor, Christopher Henderson (Peter Weller), was so convincing to Jack, CTU and the television viewers, the powers that be on the series will have to come up with a credible and believable way of explaining Almeida’s return.  Howard Gordon, executive producer on 24, narrates the conversation he had with Carlos Bernard when he informed him of his impending homecoming.

According to Gordon, the 44-year old Bernard was “very cool about it” when he rang to tell him that his 24 character wasn’t six feet under after all.

“But I know, when I hung up the phone, I’m sure he did one of those Jerry Maguire screams in the car,” Gordon added in jest.

As for the Tony’s very convincing and seemingly final exit two seasons back, Gordon admits that he and the rest of the series producers and writers will definitely have to address it in a credulous and intelligent manner.

“That’s something, obviously, we’re going to have to explain away,” Gordon said.  “Hopefully, in the spirit of creating a good show and creating an interesting season, people will allow the fun (of 24).”

Gordon is also quick to point out that it’s not altogether unthinkable for Tony to have survived.  He points out the fact that, not unlike Jack, Tony has seen his fair share of certain-death moments only to emerge scathed but definitely breathing.

“It really ranks among Tony’s other resurrections,” Gordon remarked.  “I mean, he was blown up in a blast and was supposed to die there.  He was shot in the neck in the third episode of season three, shot in the aorta at point-blank range, and he was basically back at the controls eight hours later.  So in the nine lives of Tony Almeida, this is just another chapter, hopefully the most interesting of them.”

As for how exactly they will bring Tony back from the grave is something Gordon prefers to keep deep within his consciousness.  All he was willing to commit was this:  “It’s not the what of it, but the how, that’s interesting.”

As for Tony’s onscreen spouse, Michelle Dessler (Reiko Aylesworth) though, Gordon can tell us all now that any wishful thinking about a happy little reunion is pure fantasy.  According to the 24 bigwig, Mr. Almeida’s scrumptious better half will remain dead and buried.

“No, she’s definitely six feet under.  Believe me, I know,” Gordon said bluntly.  “We thought about that, too.  Then we thought that everybody’s dead except for Jack, and he’s seeing ghosts.”

-Rosario Santiago, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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