Forget the fact that Battlestar Galactica is declining in the ratings, drawing on the strength of its critical acclaim, as well as its impressive DVD sales, according to Universal is moments away from green-lighting a direct-to-dvd feature film.

Details about the films plot have not been revealed because, frankly, it hasn’t been written yet so there is no indication how such a film would play in the Battlestar Galactica timeline. If the film does get the go ahead, look for Sci-Fi channel to have first airing rights after its release.

Personally I think the idea of a BSG feature is an extremely good one, particularly if they sprinkle production in with the show and give us something to look forward to when Battlestar goes on hiatus. The show, which won a Peabody award, returns to cable on January 21st in its new Sunday Night, 10pm, time slot.